Kiss Close

20 minutes. if it DOESN'T happen if would NEVER happen. The girl will know within 20 minutes whether she will or not.

"Would you like to kiss me?" If she said no, you reply. "Good night :)"

"Well I didn't say you COULD, I just wanted to know if you WANTED to." "Wow. you really wrecked a moment! Your boyfriends musta really hated that about you." Don't say a word. make HER feel awkward. don't ask WHY. this shows a low self esteem.

2. The Kiss her

If she says, "why?", "what do you mean" or "I donno" it means she DOES (but is shy about it) and doesn't know how to go about it, reply with a glean in your eye, "lets find out... kiss me."

"because you want to kiss me and I want to kiss you." or "come here" and plant her a good one. Remember to caress the back of her neck to show you mean business :)

"I want to kiss you."

"Kiss me."

"Do you like having your neck bit? why? Because right now all I want to do is bite your neck."

"May I bite your neck?" "why?" (if she says WHY she wants you to. Only if she says no do you NOT bite her neck playfully) its a modified CLOSE : a neck bite close.

"stick your tongue out." Then slowly go up to her face and suck on her tongue.

They are just considerations. I found just going for the kiss without indicating your intentions can sometimes lead to embarrassment - more than her saying NO. at least you can save face from the chat than from the situation where she moves AWAY from the kiss.

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