I just got an ICQ message from a friend now >>I've discovered today a new place to find girls =) ANY pet store! HOLY CRAP I walk in and I was surrounded. I asked the person working there if u could hold a little black puppy, she hands it to me and these girls all flock around me =)

Cool, that I think is a VERY good place to hang out - you'll have to come up with a really good sequence of interactive scripting to initiate with the girls so your approach has context. Something like, "Isn't he cute? What would you name him if he was yours? He looks like a George ... or maybe a Herman. What would you name ME if you brought me home. If I followed you home, would you keep me?" Something along those lines. Tell her you've been working on your puppy dog eyes and ask her to critique them.

ICQ GUY>>well nothing much since I had to leave fast... but basically I walked in and picked up the cutest puppy... then I talked with 3 hot girls about how much I wanted to PLAY with it and HUG it and so on... Plus I smiled and handed to a couple of them... One of them though I was so sweet since I said that when I got enough money I was going to buy it... Yea! hehe but they were all like 22-28 years old.. none of them would have looked at me twice in the going out sense... oh well. It was a cheap thrill while it lasted =P

Yeah, ICQ guy is a teenager who is 16 and I suggested to him to chase collage girls because he is Tal's cousin and I met him and I know he can get away with picking up 18 year olds. Consider the above scripting outlines the next time you go in there ICQ guy.

I used to be able to approach women and chat them up, OK it was nerve wracking but I made my self do it because I was so very very lonely and I wanted a girl.

Yep, I hear ya buddy. This state change, like I said, is a bitch. You are lonely and so you go out and attempt to meet girls. Then when you see her, this invisible barrier in your head, this state change erects itself between you and her.

BTW: The ICQ guy is Shadowhawk, he's posted here before. Too bad we didn't have more trust between us pick up guys, we could post picks of ourselves to see what we are dealing with and we could cater our focus on our image as well. Very important. Maybe post our pics in alt.romance and private email our pick up friends to look at those posts. That way there is no PROOF of the pics being us, but by the natural look of the pics, we could believe they are real. I don't know, just a thought.

3 second rule: you MUST initiate immediately. when you get on a bus and there is a babe, sit near and immediately initiate the chat.

talk about ESP and its impossibility talk about how you met a bear while hiking talk about how you were scared shitless rock climbing when your rope snapped or the time you visited your friends friend with him and your buddy was almost beaten to death when the friend he visited had a boyfriend who came out and there was a 20 minute car chase through lights and you were looking for the cops but lot the crazed boyfriend before you found cops.

or the time you were in the hospital and it changed the way food tastes. the birds sound clearer now.

or the time you netbused (hacked) into a bank but chickened out and put the money into a charity or talk about the famous person you met does she believe in ghosts? why?

you like candles and incense. what does SHE like? the music game modified for all types of objects.

play the question game with her or hotseat (like question game but more brutal)

talk about the time you bladed down a steep hill and survived.

talk about the time you were on stage

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