so this is the plan then ... but in order for us to do this I think you have to ask me something.

blading close with leading her to ask for #

Close - give something personal - a necklace or bracelet.

Basically, there are 4 CLOSES

1. The Fuck CLOSE - you get to fuck her THAT NIGHT and get her #. CLOSE - you snack with her and get her #.

4. The NOGO - you DON'T get a # nor anything else and you never see again.

If you don't want to do 1, at least attempt for 2. if not, go for 3.

It you cant get 3, then you get 4 automatically.

When you notice those little signs that SUGGEST that a girl finds you interesting (be it laughing at your jokes, touching herself with her fingertips, grabbing your arm, sitting forward, etc.) then you must consciously SWITCH your approach from this FUN PLAYFUL GUY to CUDDLY.

Go in and be CUDDLY. Just tell her, "come here" and cuddle. Tell her she smells so good and feel the back of her head (the hair above her neck) and tell her she is sooo soft. Then say, "would you like to kiss me?"

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