You have 4 directions to work towards, #, kiss (to sex) or exit cleanly.

phone # kiss go home

I would like to share some valuable dating tips for single men gained from my experiences in dating women:

TIP #1 - People go on dates to have a good time, not to be serious.

TIP #2 - Add imagination and romance to your dates. Do things slightly different than the norm. Instead of just having dinner at your place, have a candlelit dinner with flowers on the table. Go to see classic films. Spend an afternoon at the museum. In other words, try to set yourself apart from al of the other guys. It's easy to tell what she is used to doing on dates - out to a movie, to dinner, to a party. So avoid the same old thing, or add a slight variation to what she is used to. She will remember it.

TIP #3 - End the date before she does. When you first start dating, it is important to avoid that awkward time when it is getting late and she finally has to announce that it is time for her to go home. When the evening is still going well and still on an "up note,: announce that you "...hate to end the evening because you've had such a great time, but it is getting late and..." This is going to surprise her because most guys hang on until the bitter end hoping that by some miracle they will end up in bed with her.

How To Date Any Girl

How To Date Any Girl

What do women want? This is a question that has baffled men since the beginning of time and we men are no closer to understanding women than we were when we huddled around an open fire every night and lived in caves.

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