Be funny for 10 minutes and then SWITCH EMOTIONAL MODES. NUZZLE the girl. And do this for a full minute. And then do the asking if she wants to kiss you close. And then kiss her. Then get her #.

FORMAT BEGINNING / OPENING (2 minutes) preparation ... clothing, gum, props initiate an entertaining and interactive conversation (that is what an OPENER is all about)

MIDDLE (5 to 10 minutes)

using entertaining stories and routines, you convey the humor, confidence and the other typical attractive traits use NEGS to make them chase you test them (stop conversation to see if they reinitiate it) and look for the indicators to see if closing is worth doing (like KINO, pos body language, laughter, etc.)

END (3 minutes) close or eject based on the indicators.

decide on either the kiss close or the # close.

if pressed for time, just # close ... but try to kiss her good-bye on the LIPS

if you have a little time, always KISS CLOSE. TIME FRAME

You should be kissing within 15 to 20 minutes.

Women have MTV mentalities. The set should not go over 25 minutes - unless you instant date it. 25 is the MAX BTW - it should be 15 min.

5 to kino of hands should be good. Close at 15 is best - over that and you enter damage zone.

just remember that to seduce a woman, from meeting to kissing, you should NEVER go more than 2 hours. If its any longer than that, you fucked it up and its HIGHLY unlikely you can FIX the fuck up. She doesn't WANT you if you after 2 hours you attempt to kiss her and she backs off. Realistically, you should go for the 1 hour but 10 minutes works nicely too when you are good - like me :) What I mean also is that the time counts only when you are WITH her. So if you meet her and chat for 20 minutes then get together again, 40 more minutes is all you need tops. That is your hour. if you haven't conveyed all the personality traits she wants in a man by then, you fucked up. So 2 hours is DEFINITELY the DEADZONE.

PRACTICE Newbie mission

Get out there. TRY and fail. Plan it. Think about WHERE they are. FIND. Then work tonight on MEET phase. MEET the MEAT (ouch *smile*) Approach and say Hi. Then talk about how Elvis died his hair black and his hair was naturally blond and how that just seems weird to you. Then it she doesn't join in the conversation, say, "well, nice meeting you" and walk off with a smile. No harm done is chatting about Elvis. NEVER give a line. NEVER show signs of your HITTING on her. Make her guess. If she starts talking, use a small NEG HIT.

RULE: First of all, learn to put up boundaries to personal inquiries. it IS NONE OF HER DAMN BUSINESS and you don't owe her an answer. If you really want to PLAY her look distant and disturbed then say... "I prefer not to discuss it...tell me more about you."

Rock climbing

Become involved in 'interesting' activity. It's a 'fascinating' sport from many women's point of view. Go ONCE and you 'rock climb' from her perspective. Aside from keeping you in shape, its also an excellent way to get together with a girl. Don't bring them to a movie (that is a date and dating is not until after you have been intimate with them). Rather, bring them rock climbing. It allows you to be together where you control the situation. Allows conversation. You can encourage her as she climbs which makes her feel proud of herself. The adrenaline is a 'safe high'. Her life is literally in your hands so she will begin feeling 'safe' with you. Its not very expensive as you can rent ALL the equipment at local indoor rock climbing places. Go once with regular friends to see what's up there and make sure you get the name of your instructor because when you go in with the girl you can say, "Hey is Jack around?" Makes you seem part of the 'rock climbing community'. And take photos so when you use the photo routine, you can move to the rock climbing issue when you CLOSE her.

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