Blade Close

"Do you have blades?" "yeah"

"yeah but do you have the safety gear?" "no"

"oh well (looking away) then you cant ever go blading with me cause I would hate to have to wait for you to pussy foot behind me ... forget it." "oh you are a madman?"

"Hey I also NEED to wear my HELMET OK ... hmmmm, OK, here's the plan. We are going blading OK BUT! You need gear so Ill borrow some off my good buddy. Oooh, and Frisbee. I need more frivolous things in my life ... (talk about how the hospital stint made me appreciate the little things more) and I want to share blading ... sound like a plan?"

"sounds good." "done"

"I guess I should give you my # then."

"oh I donno ... maybe we shouldn't do this. I mean, this is only going to get naughty. Im going to end up corrupting you " "What do you mean she asks?"

"come on, you are a girl and Im a guy and its summer and I have a new lease on life (after the hospital) and all I want to do is share blading with someone I care for and ... this isn't good ... you are so young Im only going to corrupt you." "maybe Im already corrupted."

don't invite her to 'coffee' - consider a better thing to invite her to E.G.: "I have to meet my friend Diane at the Whatever coffee pub to drop off a page layout for an underground newsletter. Meet me there."

She gave me her email and I said, "I don't want it." I was negging her. "well I don't have a phone", she said. I said, "pleasure meeting you", and got up to leave. she then grabbed my hand and pulled me back. She soon gave me her #.

I was more openly sexual ... my hair was down, I touched their hands more, and I just WENT for the CUDDLING (I would put my mouth to her ear and inhale and whisper how good she smelled and then nuzzle in.) I think NUZZLING is an important part of the CLOSE. NUZZLING. You NEED it!

Emotions! Control and direct the girl's emotions. we are usually FAR too intellectual! fuck analyzing. just tell the girl to "shhhhhh" and nuzzle her.

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