Bitch Strategies

There are many shielding strategies women use. And here are some of the strategies. A ring

Saying she has a boyfriend

Surrounding herself with friends

Sitting in a place that is hard to approach her in

Being insults or BITCHY

Negative body language

No eye contact


Being bubbly and wanting to dance

No sense of humor


The opening phase is the time it takes you to get past the shield. Some men try to go THROUGH the shield by being persistent despite the fact the woman is treating you poorly. This is foolish and a form of supplication. If you cant go THROUGH it, you can do something else. You can TROJAN HORSE it. This means to make the woman believe your presence is not to steal her eggs. She will think you aren't even thinking about seducing her. It should not take more than a couple minutes for her to realize you have no interest in her sexually when you say things that an interested man wouldn't say. These are NEGS.

When do you know you have disarmed the shield? When she laughs at your jokes.

If she touches you (usually a soft grab of your arm or leg or touches your necklace to look at it or your hair) you are IN.'

Shield disarmers Use PAWNS

Pawns are other people in the situation of the evening that you surround yourself with. Her friends (The Obstacles) once disarmed and therefore liking you, become usable PAWNS.

Use pawns to assist in your NEGS. The pull your finger neg is great in front of the

TARGETs friends.

Signs Of Attraction

Signs Of Attraction

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