Aware State

OK - what's the DEAL with the AWARE state? This nervousness when approaching a girl? This hornyness. This IMPORTANCE? Well, if you succumb to it and approach her as IF you are nervous and very AWARE and act like she is SO IMPORTANT, this indicates that you do not surround yourself with beautiful women. If on the other hand you don't take her shit, give her some NEGS (learn about those in other posts) you will SEEM like you don't HAVE this state change. See, if she is beautiful, she must deal EVERYDAY with the fact that men snap into this AWARE state and they all act the same.

OK, back to this invisible barrier: the AWARE state. You cant IGNORE it because fuck its a strong state, but what you CAN do is HIDE it. Ever have a headache and you just didn't bother telling anyone? They didn't know what you felt, did they? Well, if you HIDE the fact that your AWARE state is in full blown ON position, and pretend like you don't have this with them (NEG them in a fun way) they will see you as hard to get and different and they will try to make you like all the rest. They will in fact chase YOU! That's it. That is the psychological switch that makes what I do work so well. Its is in fact the biggest secret going in picking up girls. I did it yesterday to a girl. She BEGGED for my #. In my mind Im thinking, "oh god I want her." Fuck, I approached HER. She had me BEFORE hello. But I made her work to get me. Only a man of quality would make that happen. In fact, I've been tricking this for so long that Im starting to think that maybe I AM a man of quality - this is a subject Ill contemplate with my self-esteem.

So to conclude my ramblings, LONELY is good. solution. Dress up and get out. Get out 4 or 5 days a week and get into public gatherings for at least 2 hour sets if not more. No more than 4 (10pm to 2am). Secondly, AWARE state is good. Solution? since she doesn't KNOW you have this, you must HIDE this fact and behave AS IF you didn't have this. You will be considered different and the NEG HITS will in fact intrigue her making her think you must hang with lots of beautiful girls if you can treat a 9 or a 10 like a friend and not a BABE.

YOU: "Can I buy you a drink?" HER: "Yes, thanks. Now fuck off!!"

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