convey your personality.

The photo routine

Take pictures of yourself in interesting situations. Active shots. You doing FUN things. Goofing off at your workout place. You rock climbing. You in mid air while blading. The 'bear shit' from the bear you bumped into while hiking ... or is that YOUR shit; you forget now. Have some funny things to say about the pictures as you show them.

By playing THE GAME you will get good at approaching girls so in regular everyday situations (called Bonus rounds) you will be trained well for them. OK so you at in the club at 10pm. Its early a bit but the place will fill. If the place is dead by 11:30pm you will leave for another place you have marked out for the night. There are 12 scenarios you will play in the evening.

RULE: The game begins right when you enter the place. You should approach the first scenario within 5 minutes if not within the first minute. "radiating the vibe" by the bar is not acceptable.

RULE: Don't drink alcohol. 0% tolerance.

The first three scenarios are really only to get you into the groove. They will most likely be only 7s or 8s. that's OK because you will be using them as PAWNS to surround yourself when the 10s come around. Select Target

This is usually easy. You walk around and in your mind see the girl you can see yourself having sex with. Again the first 3 scenarios or MATCHES are going to be after TARGETs rated 7 or 8 realistically. In selecting the Target, you are concerned only with your desire to have her.

If you get good eye contact from her and she smiles FIRST, then you can approach with a little more up front attitude. You can go in with the "I have an intuition about you" approach. What intuition? Just read an astrology book at memorize one of the typical generic passages.

Observe and Select Scenario TYPE

If stuck for time (because the girl is going to soon become occupied - like it you saw a friend of hers leave her and go to the washroom or maybe she is waiting by the bar for a drink or because you obtained eye contact while walking by), it is better to go straight into an OPENER without knowing what the scenario is than not approaching at all. You have anywhere from 2 seconds to a minute to observe the scenario and decide what TYPE of scenario the match is. If the Target does not observe your presence then you have time to observe. If she notices you ... BAM. Proceed to the next phase. There are five TYPES of scenarios. Is the target alone? SINGLE SCENARIO

These are simplest but have a danger of turning into another scenario type instantly if her friend(s) come to her side. All possible scenario types may in fact change in the middle of them. If so, you must be dynamic enough to alter your approach so you are dealing with this new TYPE.

A single scenario has no OBSTACLES.

You approach her straight out. There she is. You can either obtain eye contact and go in after that or not. Eye contact is NOT essential. You can approach her and when she looks up at you, that is when you look her in the eye and smile. If you see the girl from a distance and you've assessed the scenario to be a single you can wait there for her to notice you and IMMEDIATELY go over or you can just go over and get her eye contact when you get right up to her. BUT: DO NOT get eye contact and not approach and think you will use that eye contact later to approach her. If you didn't approach her right away (the 3 second rule) you BLEW it and while its POSSIBLE to still get her, its damage control from the perfect OPENING. No if you got eye contact in say a crowded room where you were going one way and her another and the two smiled but the crowd made it impossible to approach her and the music was too loud to talk or you were too distant from each other ... well, you can always approach later. Nothing is PERFECT really, but you want to minimize the time between the girl NOTICING you and your approaching her. Sure she might have seen you on the dance floor or maybe she saw you come in but then the very first time you have eye contact with her will be followed by your actual approach.

OK so you smile and enter. What do you say? Some opener examples "You think spells work?"

Is the target with another girl? TWO SET SCENARIO Mark the friend as your OBSTACLE.

Don't go straight for the TARGET ever if she is not alone. The reason is, you will alienate her less attractive friend and she will act as a disgruntled guardian of the TARGET and pull her away.

You must win the OBSTACLE over first. You can use this opportunity to NOT make eye contact with the TARGET.

When the TARGET begins to talk you can immediately NEG her then go back to the OBSTACLE.

Doing this will make the OBSTACLE laugh. It will also make the TARGET feel a little self-conscious.

Continue talking with the OBSTACLE (allowing the TARGET to listen) until the TARGET begins to attempt to fix her image with you. Then she will be chasing YOU. Neg her again. Then finally take time out to pay attention to her. Ask the obstacle if its OK to talk to her friend. Because the obstacle likes you now, she will say yes. Don't last too long on the OBSTACLE though. 5 to 8 minutes tops usually. If you spend too much time on her, the TARGET will believe the OBSTACLE really likes you and will disappear or try to get you two together. You have to make it clear once you see the OBSTACLE likes you that you switch your attention over to the TARGET. FINALLY, you will show the TARGET a sign that you like something about her by complimenting her. Not anatomy but personality. The best one is "I can tell you are a leader. I bet you're the leader of your friends. I like that." Is the target with two or more girls? GROUP SET SCENARIO Same at the two set but you must disarm both OBSTACLES first. Again, you get the acceptance of these OBSTACLES when you NEG their friend (the TARGET). After you won the OBSTACLES over and begun accepting the TARGETs attention, you can ask the OBSTACLES if its all right to spend some time with the TARGET. They will say yes because they like you. In fact, they may even leave you two alone. Is the target with a boy? BOYFRIEND SCENARIO

Assume that if a girl is with a boy that they are just friends. Go in and approach the man. Befriend HIM. Once you have disarmed him, then you can ask "how do you know eachother?" He will tell you. If a boyfriend, you just made a new bud and didn't even introduce yourself to the girl so you cant get in trouble. Remember to neg her politely in front of him. When she starts getting agitated or when she begins to try to get your attention, you can do a couple more NEGS and then finally pay attention to her. The guy will get out of the way and will watch you actually work the girl. Is the target with two or more boys? MALE GROUP SET

Same as above but you have to disarm all the males and find what the relationships are before you pay any attention to her.

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