Anatomy Of The Pickup

Every time a pick-up artist (PUA) approaches a woman, there is a beginning, a middle and an end to the scenario. Before a scenario can even begin however, the PUA must first find the woman he is attracted to (acquire his target). After he meets her (initiating the chat)he must break the ice (bitch shield disarming) and engage her in conversation. Having done so successfully, he must then convey his personality in such a way as to attract her. Finally he must be aware of her attraction to him and correctly choose to either eject himself from the situation in a pleasant manner or more favorably close her by getting her to agree to see you again. From this simple reasoning, the FMAC System (Find, Meet, Attract, Close) was designed.

Any Pick Up Scenario



FMAC System

Find Meet Attract Close

Figure 1

How to Find, Meet, and Seduce Women

How to Find, Meet, and Seduce Women

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