In many ways, trust is the cornerstone of the natural process of belief change. Merriam Webster's Dictionary defines trust as "assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something." Thus, trust is characterized by confidence or belief in "something future or contingent." People trust, for instance, that a person will "be true to his word," or that "things will turn out for the best."

Emotionally, trust is related to hope. Hope is a function of our belief that something is possible. A person who has hope that he or she will recover from a serious illness, must believe that such a recovery is possible. The feeling of trust, however, is often stronger than hope. It has to do with the expectation that something will happen, rather than simply the belief that it could happen.

Trust, in fact, is often something we must rely on when we have no proof. In this sense, trust extends beyond belief (to the level of identity or even spiritual experience). In the natural cycle of belief change, "trust" is typified by a state that allows us to go beyond our beliefs; to the state from which our beliefs are formed.

The experience in 'trusting' in something that is beyond one's beliefs, or trusting in a larger system than oneself, can help to make the process of belief change smoother, more comfortable, and more ecological.

When they are used effectively, Sleight of Mouth patterns serve as verbal tools which help to support this natural cycle of belief change; leading people to become open to believe new and empowering beliefs, and open to doubt those beliefs and generalizations which limit them.

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