To the end of me

This is what psycholinguists call a Viral sentence' (which is related to but different from a 'thought virus'). Notice that it contains a number of interesting presuppositions and assumptions. One of the characteristics of such 'viral sentences' is that they are self-referenced and seh-confirming.

The only 'territory' referred to by the sentence is itself. There is no other information against which to check it. It appears to have a certain validity because we do have to read to the end of the statement just to understand the cause-effect assertion it is proposing. But does it really have us under 'its' control? Who is the T who is controlling us? The sentence is not a being with an identity, it is just a group of words. The original author of the sentence may already be dead by now. Is it he or she that is 'controlling' us? Does it really have anything to do with control? What about curiosity, habit or strategy? Again, the fact that the sentence is not connected to any type of meta structure makes it self validating.

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