Some Verbal Frames for Eliciting Limiting Belief Statements

In order to practice finding counter examples for limiting beliefs, you will need some examples of limiting beliefs. We can utilize verbal prompts, similar to those applied in the Values Audit and Belief Audit, in order to generate limiting belief statements.

As with all beliefs, and the verbalization of beliefs, limiting beliefs typically take the form of "cause-effect" and "complex equivalence" statements. That is, we believe that something is the result or consequence of something else, or that something is evidence of or means something else. The following prompts use these verbal forms as a way to explore and elicit clusters of limiting beliefs relating to the sense of hopelessness, helplessness and worthlessness. Filling in the statements with respect to some situation or area in your life where you feel stuck or at an "impasse" can help you to uncover important limiting beliefs which can then be addressed by the various Sleight of Mouth patterns that wTe have been exploring in this book.

If I get what I want then_.

What would you lose or could go wrong if you get what you ivant?

Getting what I want would mean_.

What would it mean negatively about you or others if you got what you wanted?

_causes things to stay the way they are now.

What prevents things from changing?

Getting what I want will make_,

What problems could be caused by getting what you want ?

The situation will never change because_,.

What constraints or blocks keep things the way they are?

What stops you from getting what you want*

It is not possible for me to get what I want because

What makes it impossible for you to get what you want ?

I am not capable of getting what I want because

What personal deficiency prevents you from getting your outcome?

Things will never get better because_.

What will always prevent you from truly succeeding ?

I'll always have this problem because_.

What prevents you from reaching your outcome that can never be changed?

It is wrong to want to be different because_.

What makes it wrong or inappropriate to want to change?

I don't deserve to get what I want because_.

What have you done, or not done, that makes you unworthy of getting what you want?

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