Sleight of Mouth

The Magic of Conversational Belief Change by

Robert B. Dilts

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Dedication vii

Acknowledgments viii

Preface ix

Chapter 1 Language and Experience 1

The Magic of Language 2 Language and Neuro-Linguistic Programming 8

Map and Territory 11

Experience 14

How Language Frames Experience 18

The 'Even Though' Reframe 20

Chapter 2 Frames and Reframing 21

Frames 22

Shifting Outcomes 26

Reframing 31

Changing Frame Size 35

Context Reframing 39

Content Reframing 41

Reframing Critics and Criticism 44 The Sleight of Mouth Patterns of

'Intention' and 'Redefining' 49

One Word Reframing Exercise 53 Perceiving a Situation from a Different Model of the World by Taking 'Second Position' 56

Chapter 3 Chunking 59

Forms of Chunking 60

Chunking Down 63

Chunking Up 66

Chunking Laterally (Finding Analogies) 68

Exercise: Finding Isomorphisms 71

Punctuation and Repunctuation 73

Chapter 4 Values and Criteria 77

The Structure of Meaning 78

Values and Motivation 81

Criteria and Judgment 83 Chaining Values and Criteria by

Redefining Them 85 Chunking Down to Define

"Criterial Equivalences" 87

Reality Strategies 89

Reality Strategy Exercise 93 Chunking Up to Identify and Utilize

Hierarchies of Values and Criteria 98

Hierarchy of Criteria Technique 104

Chapter 5 Beliefs and Expectations 109

Beliefs and Belief Systems 110

The Power of Beliefs 113

Limiting Beliefs 116

Transforming Limiting Beliefs 117

Expectations 120 Expectations and the Sleight of Mouth

Pattern of Consequences 127

Mapping Key Beliefs and Expectations 131

Assessing Motivation for Change 134

Belief Assessment Sheet 136 Using the 'As If Frame to Strengthen

Beliefs and Expectations 138

'As If Exercise 140

Chapter 6 The Basic Structure of Beliefs 141

The Linguistic Structure of Beliefs 142

Complex Equivalence 143

Cause-Effect 145

Types of Causes 148

The Influence of Formal Causes 150

Sleight of Mouth and the Structure of Beliefs 154

Values Audit 158

The Values Audit Worksheet 163

Belief Audit 164 Using Counter Examples to Reevaluate

Limiting Beliefs 167 Some Verbal Frames for Eliciting

Limiting Beliefs Statements 170

Generating Counter Examples 172

Chapter 7 Internal States and Natural

Belief Change 175

The Natural Process of Belief Change 176

The Belief Change Cycle 178

Belief Change and Internal States 184

Recognizing and Influencing Internal States 186

Exercise: Accessing and Anchoring a State 189

Mentoring and Inner Mentors 190

The Belief Cycle Procedure 192

Implementing The Belief Cycle Procedure 195

Belief Chaining 197

The Influence of Non Verbal Communication 202

Chapter 8 Thought Viruses and the

Meta Structure of Beliefs 205

The Meta Structure of Beliefs 206

Thought Viruses 210

Presuppositions 221

Self Reference 228

The Theory of Logical Types 232

Applying a Belief or Generalization to Itself 234

Meta Frames 240

Logical Levels 243

Changing Logical Levels 250

Chapter 9 Applying the Patterns as a System 253

Definition and Examples of Sleight of Mouth

Patterns 254

The Sleight of Mouth Patterns as a System of Interventions 269

Using Sleight of Mouth as a System of Patterns 270

Creating and Maintaining a 'Thought Virus'

Using Sleight of Mouth 288

Sleight of Mouth and the Law of Requisite Variety 297

Reframing and 'Outframing' a Thought Virus Using Sleight of Mouth 300

Practicing Sleight of Mouth 308

Chapter 10 Conclusion 315

Afterword 319

Bibliography 321

Index 325

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