Basic Belief Chaining Procedure

The establishment of the sequence of states in a chain, and the linking of one state to another is most easily done through the process of anchoring. Historically, the NLP technique of "Chaining Anchors" has used kinesthetic anchoring. One way of creating a belief chain is to add linguistic-distinctions, such as Sleight of Mouth patterns, to the sequence of kinesthetic anchors.

As an example, to work with a limiting belief, you can lay out four spaces to form a 'chain' going from the Problem State (the limiting belief) to the Desired State (a more empowering belief) with two intermediate steps:

a. Location #1: The limiting belief (Problem State)

b. Location #2: The positive intention of the limiting belief c. Location #3: A redefinition of some aspect of the limiting belief statement which makes it somewhat positive d. Location #4: An empowering belief that is a consequence of both the positive intention and redefinition (Desired State)

-Open to Believe

Location #1

Problem State

Location #2

Location #3

Location #4

Location #1

Location #2

Desired State

Locations for Creating a Basic Belief Chain

1. Standing in the location for the problem state, choose a limiting belief that you would like to work with (e.g., "It is hard for me to learn language patterns, because I get confused and bored by words.") Pay attention to the internal state that is associated with the limiting belief. Then, step out of the location and change your state, "shaking off the affect associated with the limiting belief.

2. Now, walk over to the desired state location and enter into an internal state in which you feel 'aligned' and 'wise'. It isn't necessary to know the empowering belief that will accompany the belief at this time; it is only necessary to experience the positive internal state that will be associated with it.

3. Return to the 'problem state' location, and physically walk through other steps of the chain to get a sense of the movement from the present state to the desired state. Again, it is only important to begin to get a feeling for the changes in the internal state. You do not need to be conscious of any changes in the belief just yet.

4. Go back to the limiting belief space and then take a step forward to the location representing the 'positive intention'. Explore the positive purpose of your limiting belief, trying out different words until you find an expression that really shifts your feeling and internal state to something more positive, (e.g., "To feel associated and connected with what I am learning.")

5. Step forward again, into the 'redefining' space. Restate the limiting belief, but redefine the key words of the belief to better reflect what you have discovered about the positive intention. Explore how different verbal reframes can help give you different perspectives on the belief. Again, keep trying different words, until you have found some that significantly change your feeling with respect to the belief, (e.g., "It is hard for me to pay attention to language patterns, when I get confused and bored because I am only listening to the words and not paying attention to my feelings and relationships with other people.1*)

6. Step forward again, to the desired state location, and formulate a positive belief statement that incorporates the positive intention of the limiting belief, but that is empowering and enriching. Again make sure that the words really stimulate positive feelings when you say them, (e.g., "I can really enjoy learning language patterns, when I stay associated and connected to my feelings and relationships with other people while I am listening to the words.")

7. Walk through the chain several times, repeating the statements associated with each location, until it feels like there is an easy and smooth flow from present state to desired state, both linguistically and kinesthetically.

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