I hope you have enjoyed this exploration into Sleight of Mouth. If you are interested in exploring these patterns or other aspects of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in more depth, other resources and tools exist to further develop and apply the distinctions, strategies and skills described within these pages.

NLP University is an organization committed to providing the highest quality trainings in basic and advanced NLP skills, and to promoting the development of new models and applications of NLP in the areas of health, business and organization, creativity and learning. Each Summer, NLP University holds residential programs at the University of California at Santa Cruz, offering extended residential courses on the skills of NLP, including advanced language patterns such as Sleight of Mouth.

For more information please contact:

NLP University

P.O. Box 1112 Ben Lomond, California 95005 Phone: (831) 336-3457 Fax: (831) 336-5854 E-Mail: [email protected] Homepage:

In addition to the programs I do at NLP University, I also travel internationally, presenting seminars and specialty programs on a variety of topics related to NLP and Sleight of Mouth. I have also written a number of other books and developed computer software and audio tapes based on the principles and distinctions of NLP.

For example, I have recently completed several software tools based on my modeling of Strategies of Genius: Vision to Action, Imagineering Strategy and Journey to Genius Adventure.

For more information on these programs, my schedule of seminars or other NLP related products and resources, please contact:

Journey to Genius

P.O. Box 67448 Scotts Valley, CA 95067-7448 Phone (831) 438-8314 Fax (831) 438-8571 E-Mail: [email protected] Homepage:

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