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Make Him a Monogamy Junkie

This series of eBooks teaches you everything about the way that a man's mind works, and how to spark attraction with him that will lead to more than just hot sex; you will unlock a way that shows him that he wants to have a married relationship with you. Once you learn the secrets in this book, your man will be falling all over himself to have a life with your forever. All it takes are a few key pushes in the right direction, and your man will want nothing but to marry you and settle down into a happy, bliss-filled life. You will get bonus packages such as the training CDs to give you further training, an interview with Carlos Cavallo to teach you more about your relationship, and 99 Dirty Talk Scripts that make him want to have a future with you, and only you, as long as you both shall live. Read more...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this book straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

Purchasing this e-book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Reading the signs of a committed woman

She knows when he'll be around or not, so she'll want to call the shots as to when you see each other. She obviously did that one. However, don't count yourself out just yet, because she is still giving you a subset of the first sign (which was - telling you what is _not_ happening with her man). She may tell you about other sexual exploits - if she cheated on him before, or if she cheated on an old boyfriend etc. So this woman is hitting all the signs. She's opened up to you, she's making time, she wants to call the shots as to when you get together, and now she's telling you she cheated. The next time you see her, or talk to her - act like you think her cheating is no big deal, that you respect it when women can go for what they want. I have also found an attack on the sexist nature of the whole idea of monogamy to be very effective The whole idea of monogamy dates back to a time when women were treated as property. Men ran the world and made all the rules. So men could have...

Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality

The biggest obstacle in turning her on to threesomes is her jealousy. When she is jealous, her identity is threatened. Her identity is that of being your woman. Different women have different definitions for what that means. Some need lots of attention, some need to be showered with gifts, some need sexual monogamy, but all of them, without exception, need that one thing they cherish an exclusive emotional relationship. She is the only woman with whom you share this deep emotional bond. So long as that is true, she knows she is your woman, and her identity is preserved. Protect her identity above all else at all times, and the rest will follow.

S Female Married

You are planning for the future and if there is a strong physical love, a strong sexual attraction and lust and romance in this marriage, it would go long term. You are able to make up your mind easily relative to a commitment in a relationship so you really have no problem with monogamy or fidelity.

S Female Single

Through no fault of your own, you have attracted the wrong type of individual to you. This will be the past male. As far as the future male and I see the past male as somewhat dark and somewhat sinister in the sense that he would not take relationships as seriously as you, would not take his life as seriously as you, and because you are a committed person, because you are a monogamous person, and you've probably always had your feelings that he would not be loyal to you. On the other hand, I would see a person coming into your life that will be one on one, that will not be running around with strangers, that will uphold his vows of singular intimacy just with you, a monogamous relationship with you.

Black Female

I feel that when you are dealing with your main man it is a monogamous relationship. You'd go to hell and back for the right person. As long as there is no physical abuse or mental abuse or emotional abuse, you would do whatever is possible to keep the relationship happy.

Gay or Lesbian

My sense is that you would not die of Aids. Because of your ability to think and your ability to understand life and what goes on around you, your desire is to be in a monogamous relationship, a one-on-one relationship, and the significant time frames in a relationship is probably about the thirteenth week. You can be outspoken, fiercely jealous and that's why you would do best in a monogamous relationship. As far as the future is concerned you can really accomplish whatever you want to accomplish.

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