The Dove On Swords. Swords Through Balloon, Temple Of Benares, Sword Cabinet, etc. , all rely on your ability as a "weapons builder". Don't be scared by this simple prop. It's very easy to build and can be themed to fit almost any motif I have selected one of my favorite designs for your first test sword.

Most hardware stores stock 1/8" x 1" aluminum strips lor use in household projects Often times you can even find it with a gold or brass finish. To cut it you will need a hack saw or a metal cutting blade for your saber saw.

Cut out a 3' long section. At one end. two 45° angle cuts form the point At the other end drill two holes 2" apart. As an additional touch you may want to lightly sand the aluminum to give it an almost sparkling chrome finish.

On two 6" x 6" x 1" squares draw off your grid and copy my ^X^Lksal your Dremel table saw. groove out a 1/16» deep cut on the back of both blocks indicated

Once done you are set to begin using your saber saw to cut out'both designs. After both are cut out, sand all the edges and make sure your two handles fit around the aluminum. On the inside of one handle trace the holes from the aluminum. Now drill two small guide holes for your screws. "C" clamp the two handles and aluminum sword together and dab a drop or two of wood glue into the holes. Screw down both screws and leave clamped for an hour. After unclamping, sand down and paint as desired.

Once you have practiced "sword building" a while you will be amazed at how quickly you can mass produce a dozen swords Again, feel free to adapt my basic design to suit your needs. Boy, is this stuff easy!

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