This effect could easily be the least expensive and fastest illusion you'll ever build.

Cut from 1' x 6" the two uprights as drawn. From spare 1/2" ply cut out the two back braces that support the uprights and attach pin hinges.

The top cross bar is cut from 1/2" ply and hinged in the middle to fold flat.

The base is made from 3/4" ply with 1/2" skirting and 1" half-round trim. The casters are attached to 4" x 4" blocks. Within the base, mount your flash pot. wired to any standard on/off switch and then out the back. A flash pot can be easily made by drilling a hole in the back of a 4" diameter x 2 1/2" to 3" tall can. Snip off the "male" end of an extension cord and insert this end into the can with the wires extending out of the can. Hold the prongs of the extension cord up as you pour plaster of Paris into the can, stopping just as the plaster rises to the bottom of the prongs. Let this set up for an hour or two. Once dry, wire this up to the on/off switch and out of the base.

When you load the flash pot, make sure the unit is unplugged and the switch is off. Wrap a single strand copper wire around the prongs and touching this should ~be~the flash paper and powder packet. Carefully plug in the unit and stand back as you switch the pot on. As the plug shorts out the flash paper will be ignitea by the sparks. From time to time clean the prongs and always make sure the unit is turned off when not in use.

Assemble the illusion by positioning the uprights on the base and applying pin hinges. The top cross bar should bolt on to the uprights, allowing for your height. Behind the cross bar mount the roller shade with black Duvatine cloth matching the backdrop. By practicing with this illusion you will find you can pull the shade all the way down, place one foot on it to hold it down, then hit the flash pot and release the roller shade. Timing is critical.

The backdrop has a top cut out of l/2n frame with a black Duvatine drape attached. To support the frame, a standard stage brace or pipe configuration can be constructed.

The Flash Appearance works well in small to large stage conditions. It can be easily constructed and is a marvelous "first project".

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