Our plans give the basic dimensions of the chest, beginning with the top, which may be the most difficult to build for the beginner. You can see that it is rounded. If this presents a problem, square it off, it won't impair the effect at all. To build the rounded lid, use a thin veneer, bending, gluing and nailing as you go. Form it around the 1" x 2" supports which are nailed around the top edge of the side uprights.

The trunk front has two 16- x 20 1/2" front doors latched in the ™iddle_ \hC . front and sides are made from 3/8" ply. and all pin-Wnge together^ T panel is made from two 36 l/2"x 25 1/2", 3/8" ply. glued and screwed tog after cutting out and hinging the interior door and the two back doors. Once done, the 1/2" x 1" battens are added to hide the back doors. The bottom right drawing shows the assembly of this back panel, which pin-hinges to the floor and the two sides.

The floor is made from two sheets of 1/2" ply and one sheet of 3/4" ply. The 3/4" ply is sandwiched between the two 1/2" sheets. Cut from the center of the 3/4" ply is the lf 5" x lf 7" sliding floor. This should freely slide out from the floor assembly to form the back ledge for hiding. Attached to the sliding floor is a 1" aluminum tab to assist in pulling the floor out. This sliding floor is stabilized by the two base braces. These two braces are made from 2" x 4"s and 4" x 4" legs. The 2" x 4" s are slightly notched to receive the chest and the chest floor carriage-bolts to the base braces. Remember, the sliding floor must slide out on top of the 2" x 4"s so, when you notch these braces, it should be no more than 1/2".

The tray which sits down in the chest should be made from 3/8" ply with a masonite bottom. A 3" hole is cut dead center of the masonite to pull the bag through.

The interiors of the chest should be lined in a decorative material, and the exterior should be stained and varnished with a decorative pattern on the doors, in our case, a rose bud.

The sack can be made from any thin material. It should have a 41 6" circumference and should be approximately 61 long. In the bottom is a Velcro closure which should simplify the girl's escape.

Obviously, the success of this effect depends greatly on the girl's ability to move from outside to inside quickly. Practice this aspect and add your own presentation style and you'll have a great effect!


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