This illusion was built in one day by a semi-experienced builder. Begin by constructing the four exterior l11 wood frames. To the inside of the two side frames, attach a sheet of 1/4" x 2l10f' x 6f ply. Your sides are now made. To the inside ol the back and front frames, attach six 1/4M ply panels spaced 1/411 apart. (This forms the slots for the cards. ) Your front and back are now formed. As you plan this, remember the 1/4" ply attached to the sides and back extends all the way down into the base and bolts to the side of the base for stability. The frames stop at the baseline. The door stops 2 1/2" above the baseline on the molding.

The two 1/2" thick traps pin-hinge to the sides and rest on the front and back lip. The interior of the cabinet is painted flat black and all sides pin-hinge together.

The roof is made from 1/4" ply with 1" x l"trim. The top cut-outs are made from 1" thick stock.

Into the sides drill a 1" hole, approximately 10" down from the top and add a decorative square of sheet metal.

The collar is made simply from a 1M sheet metal strap with a pin-hinge pop-riveted in back and a latch pop-riveted in front. To the sides, attach two rings for the ribbons. Cover the entire collar in a soft velveteen. Obviously, to "escape" from the collar, she just pulls the pin-hinge out and heads south.

The cards are cut from 1/8" tempered masonite and painted accordingly.

In our presentation, we insert the first card in the middle, then one up, one below, one in the top slot and finally, one in the bottom slot. And, of course, the finale candy boxes are stashed in the base.


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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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