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Our design for this illusion has been modified from other plans to allow it to pack flat and speed up your assistant's duties in "appearing".

First of all, in reviewing the plans, you will notice the basic elements oi the prop are: four support legs, a top, two end panels, two side panels, a base, a gimmick door, traps, a curtain rod and curtains.

The top designs are cut from 1" x 4" white pine and assembled to lorm a box. Into this is laid a 1/4" masonite top. The top ledge is made from 1/4" ply and affixed with a bullet catch, magnetic catch or latch to receive and hold the gimmick door in position.

The four support legs are cut and assembled from 1" x 3" pine. These should be assembled with glue and wood screws for maximum strength, as they nol together and support the entire illusion. These legs carriage-bolt to the top and base in all four corners. Casters are mounted to the tour 1" x 1' x blocks affixed to the bottom of the legs. On the inside of these legs, an resting on the base, the 1/2" ply end panels pin-hinge. Decorative molding is applied to the outside of these panels.

The side panels also pin-hinge within the support legs and rest on the base ledge. In the upper corner of each side panel is mounted a l/2,fx 1" x llf block drilled to accommodate the pivot bar of the l/4n ply gimmick door which swings up, on its pivots, and catches on the top ledge.

The base is made from 1/2" ply sides and 7" deep, 3/4ff ply bottom, with decorative 1" cut-outs and half-round. On the inside of this base, mounted 1/2" down, is a 1/2" x I" ledge, which supports the 1/2M thick "three-fold" trap.

The exterior of this illusion is outfitted with curtain rods and curtains on both front and back sides. The idea being that the curtains are pulled back just in front of the black side panels to deceptively hide the 9" hiding space the girl is sitting upright in.

For your assistant to appear, it's a simple matter for her to push forward the gimmick door engaging it in the top ledge latch and then pushing forward the "three-fold" trap enough to enable her to get up on it as you are revolving the cabinet. Then, as the curtains are parted. . . it's time for magic !


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