detaching the four angle -iron braces located one per corner. The floors of each tray are the real secrets to this illusion. Approximately 4 1/2" down from the top (of the first two trays) is a l11 x 2,! ledge. This ledge also acts to nest the trays together because it projects down 1" from the bottom of the tray. On the top of this ledge is laid sixteen 18" x 21ff x 3" masonite slats, one overlapping the other. This forms a "solid floor"; well, solid enough to hold costumes, anyway. The interior of all trays and masonite slats is painted black.

The bottom tray is pin-hinged to the base itself and bolted to the trunk sides and back. This tray, too, has a ledge, but it is placed much higher to allow your assistant enough room within the base and bottom tray. Unlike the two top 6" deep trays, the bottom tray is 8!l deep. Remember when painting these trays to paint the black border down only 6n on the bottom tray because the 2" front lip masks the bottom 2" of the tray - so the bottom tray should only look to be 6" deep as well.

The base is standard, made from 1" plywood with four bolt-on legs and half-round trim. On the l"x 7M top is attached 1/2" x 3M ply and decorative cove molding to fit around the trunk.

As an extra bonus, I am including artwork on the cards we use. Take this artwork to a "reproduction house", (they print blueprints, photostats, negatives, etc. ) and tell them you want this art enlarged (photostated) so that each card is approximately 8 1/2" x 11" and mounted on cardboard. This cost will be nominal and you can color the enlarged art in yourself with Marx-A-Lots. Remember to have five cowgirl (or whatever costume you select) cards made. Because, once you have shown the four different costumes, you will switch these cards for the four forcing (cowgirl) cards. We switch them behind the trunk through the curtain.

One final thought on the costumes. We fill the trays with costumes. Many are just old clothes with sequins added, etc. . But we always have within the trays the costumes depicted on the cards. Generally these are just slapped together display models, with no thought to tailoring. They just have to look good when briefly held up.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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