Although there are many ways to perform this illusion, we involve the audience.

We inform them that we need some assistance in selecting a costume for our next illusion. So, for the time being we'll stop the magic show and take a small survey, but first, our wardrobe trunk. . .

We casually show the trunk on all sides, lift the lid, open the front and remove the two top trays.

Drawi ng attention to the costume filled trays, four large cards are displayed that depict our four favorite designs for costumes. Putting down the cards, we display these four costumes from the trays. Then, taking the four cards into the audience, we invite one member to select any card from the face down fan. As this is being done in the crowd, assistants are re-assembling trays and closing the trunk.

The audience member has selected the "cowgirl". Quickly, the trunk is revolved and out pops the cowgirl - in person!

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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