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I lea» I am again, giving ideas (brother possible approacliCH ior a divination. Naming the Position

Rather than naming a card removed from the deck, you can name the card lying at any number called by a spectator. l irM give the deck a fake shuffle, leaving the deck in mnemonic order, from I to r«2 I lave someone name a number up to fifty-two and tell him to look .it the card at that posi tion. You will know the card long before In* does, and will 1)4* able to name it without touching the deck Be sure, though, to disguise the method by delaying the divination« Make it look like a psychological feat or one of telepathy with an assistant, etc.

By Estimation

You may also ask someone to lift a portion of the deck (which is set from I to 52) to look at the bottom card of the cut-off portion, alter which lie reassembles the deck and squares it up You estimate the number ol Girds in the cut-off portion and ascertain the identity of the CAn\ with a couplc of questions such as 7 think it\ a blm A cunt, hu t It? It isn't? A mi cant then a diamond right7 I he Two of Diamond*. In this example you might have estimated the cut at between seventeen ami twenty three cards. The Iwo of Diamonds is the only diamond in that group. ITiOUgh this method might seem less than direct (as you might make a couple of wrong statements at the beginning), it often allows you to name the card dramatically in your second or third statement. Your nnUM doubts make it look more like a mental divination, and all of that without getting any where near the deck. Miraculous!

This method can be very effective in certain case. You hand out the deck and someone takes a card, note, it and buries It n the center no-

mally they don't replace it at the same position). After looking u.entIv the spectator, you Jy, 7 think younard it -no.'Quickly run through lhe deck with the faces toward yourself, as if looking for a card, but actu ally looking at the sequence of the stack. When you reach a card that bout of position, take it out and toss it onto the table face up, triumphantly (or hesitatingly—whatever suits you best), without saying a word.

With a Medium m

As you can imagine, these divinations can be made by an assistant playing a medium, as long as you can let him know a key card (directly above the selected card or group of cards) or the actual card. You could use verbal codes like "If I were to attempt this forty times, the result wouU

l>e the same every time. I'll show you.' With this you prompt him to the key number (40). The medium doesn't need to know the stack. He can simply have the stack written on the card case and turn his back as he reads it

You could also cut the deck at the point where the card was drawn and flash the bottom card to the medium (the selected card being the next one in the stack). No one will be paying attention to you while the spectators look at the selected card. That wonderful moment is when you make your glimpse and pass the information on to your medium.

Concluding Observations i

Even if it were only for this potential to divine one or several selected cards, by yourself or with a medium, whether having the card returned or not, handling the deck or not handling it, the effort of two afternoons in learning the stack would be absolutely worth it. But, dear reader, this Ls only a hundredth of the miracles I describe in this book and a thousandth of the potential of the miraculous Mnemonica.

2. Any Card at Any Number

This is a venerable plot, and one of the strongest. It demands techn»' proficiency (an indetectable pass and a glimpse) and the ability to make quick calculations. EFFECT

Someone names a number from one to fifty-two and any card. The# >s found at that number.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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