—As you can see, the 94 is on the bottom in the majority of cases, and the KV is in that position twice.

— Hie number of hands dealt is usually four, except for the four Queens (two), the flushes (three) and a plain straight (five).

-The rummy deal (described next) is very similar, although not identi' cal, to the straight-flush deal. h

-A second deal is only required twice (for the straight and for the four

Jacks). It you can't deal seconds you can resort to a discard. This is not reflected in the table, to keep it simple.

—Note that for dealing the four Queens the deck is cut at the two black Nines and a Zarrow shuffle done under four cards. See Appendix III No. 2 (p. 303) for a system without the Zarrow shuffle.

—The dealer 's hand is usually the winning one, except when dealing the straight, the flush and the middle full house. You can leave these hands out of the selection pool if you're not keen on them. This, again, is not reflected in the table.

—Though the table is not hard to memorize, carrying it on the back of a Joker will give you confidence. Another clever system using paper money was sent to me from Argentina, especially for this book, by Ariston, and is described in Appendix III, No. 16e (p. 310).

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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