Mnemomca J

spelling table (cortf.;





the seven Of hearts (the next card)

THE FOUR OF DIAMONDS (the next card)

3. Spelling the Color, Value, Suit and Card

TWs is an effect with multiple surprises, which I developed so that there's no need to alter the order of the deck in any way.

Force the 8 V and have it returned to the same position in the deck Give the deck a false shuffle and a false cut, then cut the 8* to the bottom, which brings the 64 to the top.

Say, How interesting. If I spell the word red, a red card turns up." With the deck in the left hand, spell R-E-D, taking each of the three cards into the right hand, one for each letter, without reversing their order. On reaching the third card, turn the right hand's packet face up, with the cards squared, to show a red card (the 9V) at the face. Set that pa< ket face up onto the table

"If I spell black, 1 get a black card. " Spell accordingly and turn over the packet to show a black card (the on its face. Table this packet face up next to the previous one. You will be performing the same basic actions each time as you continue: spelling from the left hand into the right, without reversing the order of the cards, turning the packet face up and «»etting it onto the table next to the previous packet As you are doing this, you say: "/// say king, I get a King.0 (Kf) "If I say five, I get a Five." (54) "/// say heart, I get a heart." <K*) "If 1 say spade, I get a spade. " (44) "If I say club, I get a club." (94) "If I say diamonds, I get diamonds. (9*) fig. 7 shows the tabled piles as seen by the spectators.

"Would you mind spelling to your card yourseip" As you say this, relax and secretly reverse the bottom card (8*/ of the packet in your hands. Gather the tabled face-up packets in reverse order to their creation, reassembling the mnemonic stack, turn

♦♦♦ 1 ♦ ♦

1 ++* 1 * * 1 1 * *J

1 *4 |t

+1 0

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