Mnemonicosis By Tamariz

D. With False Dealing

E. With the Tamariz Perpendicular Control (TPO

3. The Three Piles * Sfl

First Variation (With a Medium) Second Variation (Ideas) Third Variation (A Classic)

4. Obedient Cards

5. Total Memory

A. The Classic Version

B. My Version—Triple Threat Memorization three crown jewels

1. Prediction

A. The Hofzinser Method

B. With a Regular Deck and Two Jokers

C. With a Regular Deck, Without Jokers

D. With a Stranger Card

E. A Stage Version: "The Joker"

3. Mnemonicosis (Tamariz on Ideas by Mario and Vernon)

A. Mnemonicosis

B. Card Control

C. Mnemonicosis Over the Phone eight more jewels

1. Flying Through Thin Air

2. Cards to Pocket

A. With Ray Grismer's Shuffle

B. With the Zarrow Shuffle

3. Sha-la-Ia-la-Ia (A Multiple Musical Location)

4. Memorized Brainwaves

Variation I: With a Waxed Card (Antón López) Variation II: With an Ungintmicked Card

5. Coincidence with Two Decks and Three Cards

6. Control in Chaos (Aronson and Riobóo)

7. Carbuquillo

8. Cutting the Aces or Any Four of a Kind a few direct ones

1. The Direct Production of Cards Called lor

2. Rising Cards

3. Double Color Change

4. Reversed Cards (Mago Antón and Tamariz)

5. Cards Called For to Pocket

A. One Card

B. Two Cards

V urf Card to Pocket (with an Added Advantage) 13Q

OTHER BFA tWTMCtó on of a c]assic)

TJiinf Variation With a Billet Index 33

c,v.rth variation-Using a Pass 134

T^Zion-Muscle Reading Hugo) 134

2. A Star is Born

3 The Stop Trick

* A First Version (With the Second Deal) 137

B. Second Version (With Other False Deals) 137

4 Face to Face (Mario and Tamariz) 138

5. a Grand Triumph (Camilo Vázquez) 139

6. A Predicted Triumph 140

7. The Theft of the Century 141

8. Royal Location 142

9. Double Prediction (Zingone and Tamariz) 143

10. Exact Location Oordan, Clive and Tamariz) 145

11. Cards from Pocket Stop Trick (Ramblar) 147

12. Named Card from Pocket (Ramblar) 148

13. Card to Number in Pocket (Ramblar) 149

14. Card to Wallet (Ramblar) 149

15. Assembly of Selections in Poker Hands (Leipzig and Tamariz) 150 MISCELLANEOUS IDEAS 151

1. A Special Idea: the Eight Mnemónicas 151

2. Stay-stack with Mnemónica 156

3. A Card Index 157

4. An Assortment of Very Beautiful, Loose and Simple Ideas 157

5. An Idea for Magicians: Mnemoncia and Strippers 161 THE ART OF IMPROVISATION WITH MNEMONICA 162

1. To Introduce the Subject 162

2. The Techniques 163

3. The Effects 164

Chapter Seven-Tricks Specific to Mnemónica Using Stay-stack If 1. ^e Missing Card (Mario and Tamariz) 167

3 ^emory Kvans, Hull, Annemann and Tamariz) &

A^^^ v* (LuisGarciaSoutullo) 1

A. Tamariz Version with Faros 170

0 Tamariz V^ion Without Faros 171

Part ii

Prologue to Part II

Chapter Eight-Tricks Unique to Mnemonica Using the Half Stack

1. Incredible Card Control

2. Total Spell (Dr. Jacob Daley) First Version (Classic and Daley's) Second Version (Tamariz)

Third Version (Tamariz)

3. Spelling to Four Cards

4. Spelling to the Four Deuces

5. Colors on Parade (Based on Scarne, Ascanio and Simon) To Reassemble the Stack

A Good Routine Another Routine Scarne's Concept

Alternated Sequence from Normal Mnemonica Order Color Separation (with a Divination)

6. Two Stories

First Story (with the Top Half of Mnemonica) Second Story (with the Bottom Half of Mnemonica) Chapter Nine—Tricks with the Half Stack ONE TO BEGIN WITH Memory Jumble THREE CLASSICS AND A SEMI-CLASSIC

1. Weighing the Cards

2. Total Memory Version with Faros

Version with Deals (Antifaros)

3. Sense of Touch—and Other Senses I. Sense of Touch

II. ...and Other Senses Eye-scan r j It b. Fine Eyesight c. Subtle Hearing d. A Spectacular Routine

4. A Card and a Number (Gombert, Baker and Tamariz)

Variations FIVE ACES

1. Any Cards Called For (Jordan and Tamariz) Mago Antdn's Variation

2. Come and Go Variation

3 The Liar-a Classic (DaIban, Nyquist and Tamariz)

4 Answering Computer Other Presentations

A. The Trip

B. The Labyrinth

C. Hangman

TtÍTSe (Sesbro, Thompson and Tamariz)

2 Telescopic Coincidence

3" stop at the Same Time (First Version)

four direct ones

1. a Gambling Demonstration

2. Card to Wallet (Daley and Tamariz)

3. The Reversed Card

4. The Selection Between the Aces five divinations

1. Fingerprints and "Cardprints"

2. Double Divination

3. Jumbled Divination

4. Mnemonicosis with a Half Stack

5. Spectator Misses, Magician Hits A Different Climax five assorted ones

1. Half Sympathy (a Classic with Tamariz Variations)

2. Pocket Calculator (a Classic, Variation by Mago Antón)

3. Tell Me Who You're with and I'll Tell You Who You Are

5. How Many Reds? Variant I Variant II

two ideas

[' ^nemo"ica with the Spanish Deck or with Other Decks - The Half Stack with the Spanish Deck -AND AN ENDING

I hSome Time Ago (Dr. Daley)

^ Mnemónica Stop at the Same Time (Second Version)

5 Í Cunous Coincidence (Hofzinser? 5- Tnumph (Dai Vernon) °

6 Abacus Oack London)

Appendix II—About Order and Disorder

1. Tricks That Don't Alter the Stack z ä ai,erteko'™ w - - * -

3. Resetting the Stack

A. Resetting One Card 2JL

B. Resetting Two Cards 27g

C. Resetting a Group of Cards 278

D. Resetting the Stack After a Spectator's Riffle Shuffle 279

E. Resetting the Entire Stack After a Spectator's Overhand Shuffle 280

F. Resetting Stack After a Riffle Shuffle and an Overhand Shuffle 282

G. Resetting the Half Stack 282

H. Resetting the Stack After Several Hands of a Card Game 283

4. Setting Up the Stack in Front of the Audience 285

A.Setup from a New-deck Order... 285 With Faro Shuffles 286 With Antifaros 286 Justifying the Open Setting Up of Ace-to-King Order 286

B. From a Random Order 286 I. in One Stage 287

a. The Cardoso Method 287

b.The Nikola Card System 287

c. Between the Fingers 287

d.Stacking a Borrowed Deck 288

II. In Two Stages (Half and Half) 289

a. Memory Jumble 289

b. Biddle Style 290

c. Two-pile Divination 292

d. Divining One Card Out of Thirteen 293

e. Using the Methods for Stacking the Whole Deck 295

III. In Three Stages (A Half, a Quarter and a Quarter) 295

a. The Clock 296

b. The Imaginary Trick 297

c. Directly Behind Your Back 298

d. Using a Strip-out 298

e. Using the Methods for Stacking Half the Deck 299

Appendix III—Notes About "Any Poker Hand Called For" ™ Appendix IV—About the Structure of Mnemonica Appendix V-The Antifaro Concept

1. Fora Fifty-two-card Deck Out-antifaro-l Out-antifaro-2

+1 -2

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