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"Egocentrism is a feature of preoperational thought in ivhich the child is not able to distinguish betiveen his ou/n perspective and someone else's perspective."

]. Messina, Ph.D., & Constance M. Messina, Ph.D., Cognitive Development in Early Childhood

I'm continually amazed by how much importance magicians give to whether a trick fooled them. Most magicians think that the greatest possible praise for a trick is, "It totally fooled me." My response is, "Who cares?" It's nothing personal. I'm just as likely to think, "Who cares?" when

I'm fooled by a trick.

If you seriously believe that whether a trick fooled you should be a major factor in deciding whether to perform it, it can only mean one of two things. First, you're mainly interested in performing for people who think like you do, which is to say, other magicians. In that case, do yourself a favor and list this book on eBay as soon as possible.

Alternatively, it may mean that you believe that laypeople think like you do. There arc two reasons why this isn't so. First, you have technical knowledge that they don't have. The old version of a trick no longer fools you because, somewhere along the line, you learned how it's done. The new

"No threads." He rushes off his chock only to discover that this mc,h ZL magnets. Suppose a spectator catches him palming the magJ Z wont do at all. Fortunately, he soon sp.es an ad for another vcrsion that promises. "No threads or magnets. But when he buys this one hc finds that it makes secret use of scotch tape. He starts to get discount^ „„,¡1 the next magic magazine arrives carrying an ad for a floating bill that requires. "No threads, magnets, or scotch tape. Surely, this must be the version he is seeking: the one that entails no method at all; the one where the bill just really floats.

Needless to say, such magicians never find their ideal. But, credit card in hand, they continue pursuing their dream. In the process, they make the dreams of many magic dealers come true.

I'm nor really worried that you fall into this category. You wouldn't be reading this book if you did. I felt, however, that I should mention it for the sake of completeness. If nothing else, it may help you understand the behavior of those odd magicians who are forever buying but never performing. These are the ones who continually pester you about this type of gaffed waller or that Torn and Restored Card effect, all under the guise of "research." A couple of years later, they're no closer to doing the effect. They're still busy "researching,"

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