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Spatial distance and temporal distance are linked because you can't flee the scene of rhe crime unless you have enough time to do so. You can eZ,TT , Witi!"t SPMid <W ^ previous chapter's p es snow), but you can t have spatial distance without temporal dis-

SPKi'' i! ^ addcd subtlct)' that you can graft onto emporal distance. Any time you succeed in achieving some temporal *-

Teffectr ^ l0Cl"S °f 1<** -«hod and the locus of lowsThetaiair"^ °f a * •»" Vanishing R/tdio al-

magician to perform the effect of the vanish (whisking the cloth

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, several -™M! afi" thc ™haA the radio down iw„

f ! ,blet°P>- However, the great „me de ay this clever method allows <k, fbe largely wasted if the performer failed to do one important thing:

* « before revealing the vanish. The method happens upstate- the tf f Up«* downstage. When people wonder, "Where did the radio Ro>" n't be looking all the way back there for the answer


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