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Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading

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Lesson 1 - The Nature of Mind Reading

A plain, practical, scientific explanation of this Vast, Mysterious Subject, explaining the action of Mind upon Mind, and the Mental Wireless Telegraphy, according to the latest and best authorities.

Lesson 2 - The Proofs of Mind Reading

The result of scientific experiments and investigations regarding the subject: practical proof and indisputable facts.

Lesson 3 - Contact Mind Reading

Full instruction regarding the "Nerve Currents" passing from the human Transmitter to the human Receiver; stated so plainly that any one may instantly grasp the theory and practice.

Lesson 4 - Development Exercises

How to develop yourself; how to grow proficient in practice; how to find Locations; how to find Objects; how to perform the necessary elementary feats, and thus prepare for Public Performances, if desired.

Lesson 5 - Simple GAMES of Mind Reading

Public or private party games; Practical Games are explained; full directions for performing them are given, so that the student may reproduce the experiments and games.

Lesson 6 - Difficult Games

Explanations and instructions gives for their performance. The Banknote Test; the Blackboard Dazzle; Drawing Pictures; Telepathic Chess and Checkers, etc., described, explained, and full instructions given for their reproduction.

Lesson 7 - Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading

Games without contact. Development Directions. Long Distance Experiments, Automatic Writing. Valuable Suggestions and Advice.

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