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Experiments of "wireless" Mind Reading or Telepathy may be tried between friends at long distances, space apparently presenting no obstacle to the passage of the thought waves. Pick out some friend with whom you have established a strong rapport condition by means of his having acted as your Transmitter in your Contact Mind Reading experiments, and by having practiced Rhythmic Breathing, as heretofore described. Have the Transmitter sit in his room at the appointed time, gazing intently at some small simple object, such as a knife, a glass, a cup, a book, etc., and endeavoring to make a clear mental picture of it, which picture he should also Will to be reproduced in your mind. Remember he should think of the looks or appearance of the object not merely of its name he should think of the shape, etc., of the book, instead of thinking the word "book."

At the same time you should sit quietly in your room, placing yourself in the same passive, receptive mental attitude that you have acquired and practiced in your Contact Mind Readings. Then wait patiently for impressions. After a while, if successful, you should get the mental picture of a hook, or whatever object was thought of by the Transmitter. This experiment may be varied from time to time, the principle being the same in all cases. It will be well for both the Transmitter and the Receiver to keep a written record of the time of each experiment, and the objects thought of. Several objects may be thought of at a sitting of say five minutes apart, a careful record being kept by both parties of the time, and object, so that a later comparison may show the result of the experiments. In case of the two people being in different cities, they may mail each other copies of their record for comparison.

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