General Directions

The prime requisite for a successful demonstration of Mind Reading is the acquirement, or possession, by the Transmitter, of a clear idea of direction in his mind. The associated requisite is that the Transmitter be able to concentrate his will upon the mind of the Receiver, impressing upon him the Source of Direction so strongly that he will move in accordance with the Will of the Transmitter. Remember the two points to be observed by the Transmitter.

Begin by having the Transmitter standing beside you in the center of the room, you being blindfolded. Have him mentally select some one corner of the room, saying nothing to you of his choice. Then let him concentrate his mind upon that one corner, forgetting every other part of the room. Then have the Transmitter grasp your Left Hand with his Right Hand, you grasping his fingers in your hand and lifting the hand to your forehead. Hold the hand against your forehead, just above your eyes. Instruct him then to will that you go to the corner of the room that he has selected, shutting out all other thoughts from his mind, and concentrating his entire attention upon the projection of his will. He must not content himself merely forming a mental picture of the selected corner, but must think of the direction of that corner, just as he would in case he were to wish to walk there himself. He must not simply think "That Corner" - he must think "There!" using the sense of direction. He must will that you shall go there, carrying tie words "Go There!" in his mind.

You, the Receiver, must place yourself in a perfectly passive and receptive state of mind, resigning your own Will for the time being, and being perfectly willing and desirous of being mentally directed or led by the Will of the Transmitter. He or she is the active factor, and you the Passive. It is the strength of his Will, and the degree of your Receptivity that makes the demonstration a success.

Keep your eyes closed, even though you are blindfolded, for by so doing you induce a Passive state of mind, and even the stray glimpses that you may catch through the handkerchief will serve only to distract you. You must shut out sights, and even thought of sights.

Stand quiet a moment or two, awaiting impressions from the mind of the Transmitter, who is making the mental command: "Go there; go there, I say!" while at the same time he is willing that you follow his command.

After a moment or two of passive and receptive waiting, you will begin to feel an impulse to move forward. Obey this impulse and take the first step, which will often be in an opposite direction from the selected corner. The idea of this first step is to "get started." While you are taking the first step or two, you will feel a clearer impulse toward the real selected corner, and will find yourself swinging around to it. Do not grow impatient, for you are but learning to receive the impressions. Advance one foot forward, hesitatingly, resting your weight on the ball of the other foot, and you will soon feel yourself being compelled to move in a certain direction, which will end in your moving toward the right corner. You will soon become conscious of being directed by the Will of the Projector, whose mind is acting upon yours and leading and directing you toward the right place.

It is difficult to describe to you the exact feeling that you will experience, but a little practice will soon make it clear to you. Follow the impulse, and you will soon begin to feel the mental command, "This way-this way-no, not that way but this way", until you will reach the desired spot when you will feel the command: "That's right. Stop where you are. This is the place." If you start to wander off in the wrong direction you will begin to feel the correcting impression: "This way, this way, I tell you," and if you will but passively receive and follow the mental telegraph message you will find the impulse growing stronger and stronger until you walk right into the corner selected, when you will feel that you have "reached base," as children say in their games. When you walk in the right direction you will feel the mental message, "That's the right way"; and when you move in the wrong direction you will feel the mental message, saying, "No, no, not that way-This way!" By practice you will soon become quite sensitive to these guiding thought-waves, and will act upon them almost automatically.

Practice will soon so sharpen your perceptive faculties that you will often be able to move right off to the desired corner at once, sometimes actually running right to it, dragging the Transmitter after you.

You will soon begin to notice that there is quite a difference in the power of concentration on the part of different people acting as the Transmitter. Some will be able to concentrate so forcibly that they will send you the message clear and sharp, while others will send only a feeble and wavering message. The more concentration the Transmitter has the stronger will be the message. It will be very advisable for you to experiment with a number of persons acting as the Transmitter, so that you may become familiar with the different degrees of concentration, personal characteristics of people in Transmitting, etc. This will aid you when you begin your performances.

When you find a lazy Transmitter who is sending only feeble messages, you must admonish, telling him that he must exercise his Will-Power more. This plan will often arouse in them a desire to give a good exhibition of their Will-power, and they will begin sending you strong mental impulses. It is a good plan, when you have an unsatisfactory Projector, to extend his arm out its full length and hold it up about the height of your eyes. In this way he feels the strain, and it arouses his Will in order to hold it there, which seems to act in the direction of his sending sharper and clearer messages and impulse. In case the Transmitter proves very unsatisfactory, substitute another for him. But as a rule this unsatisfactoriness arises from the fact that he does not fully understand his duties - does not know what is required of him. A little practice and instruction will bring him out all right. It is often advisable to let the Transmitter read this book of instructions, if he happens to be a personal friend who is helping you out in your practicing and experiments. The Transmitter will find that by looking toward the selected corner, he will be aided in concentrating his attention and directing his Will Power.

Practice this exercise and experiment, in different rooms, and with different Transmitters, until you can go readily to the selected corner. Do not be discouraged, but remember that "practice makes perfect," and that like any other thing the art must be learned by patient practice and repetition. It is like learning to play the violin, skating, dancing, or anything else. If after a number of trials you begin to feel tired, stop practicing and adjourn the experiments until the next day. Do not unduly strain yourself, or tire out your mind. When the next day comes you will be surprised at the added proficiency you have gained.

You may vary the above method by holding the Transmitter's hand out at aim's length, in-stead of holding it up to your head. Some find one plan more effective, and others prefer the second. The principle is the same in both cases, so adopt either plan, or any variation thereof, providing it proves effective.

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