Games Without A Transmitter

These experiences will become so frequent and so strong that he may often (in the cases of peculiarly sensitive people) perform the entire feat without the physical contact of the Transmitter and perhaps without any Transmitter at all. In well developed cases the Receiver may perform the simple feats, and sometimes some of the more complicated ones, merely by the aid of the Concentrated Will of the audience or the person in front of them. This was the case with J.P. Morgan.

We have known of cases in which a pocket knife was the selected and hidden object and when the demonstrator would enter the room he would receive a sudden mental impression of the word "knife," followed by the impression "under the sofa-pillow," etc., and upon going to the designated spot the knife would be found. Every person who carefully practices the games given in this book will be able to add actual experiences of this kind, of his own, which have been experienced by him during the course of his work.

In order to develop the ability to produce the Higher Phenomena, the best course is for the student to frequently practice the demonstration and experiments of Contact Mind Reading, as this will develop the receptive faculties of the mind. Then the student may occasionally practice with a few sympathetic and harmonious friends, endeavoring to reproduce the games without physical contact.

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