Drawing The Chosen Figure

Have the audience elect a number, and think intently of it. Impress upon the Transmitter that is to think of the Shape of the figure in instead of merely remembering its name. For instance if the figure "8" is thought of, the Transmitter should think of the Shape of the figure, and not of the word "eight."

Then begin to circle your hand around over the blackboard just as you did when finding the place of the "beginning of the trip" of the demonstration mentioned a few minutes ago. Then bring your pencil or chalk to a starting point, which you will soon perceive. Then hold your fingers pressing lightly forward, and impart to your hand a trembling vibratory motion as if in hesitation regarding the next movement, saying at the same time to your Transmitter: "Will Hard now-Will the Direction to me," and you will soon begin to get an impression of "Right," or "Left," or "Down." as the case may be, which you should follow slowly. Be slow about it, for if the impression is not right you will soon be -Led up. Fence around a little until you begin to get the impressions clearly. You will find that the principal trouble is at the start, for once you are started on the right track, your Transmitter's Will will be freely employed, and he will pour the impressions into you. Let him feel that it is his Will that is really doing the work, and he will exert it freely. Once started, these drawing feats are easily performed, the trouble being with the start. You should practice this feat frequently in private, before attempting it in a public demonstration. It is very effective.

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