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The student should practice privately with the assistance of a few friends, before he ventures before a parlor audience, for by so doing he overcomes the first lack of confidence in himself, and the awkwardness natural to the beginner along any new line of work. By careful and repeated practice he gains confidence in himself by reason of his growing success in his experiments, and besides wears off the "rough edges" of his actions, etc., so that when he finally appears before an audience, large or small, public or private, he will feel perfectly self-possessed and at ease, and thus be able to devote his entire attention to his work, without annoying self-consciousness and awkwardness.

Now there are other uses of this ability besides public and private games. But we will not mention them here. Let's just say that the ability to read another's mind is an awesome power once learned and should be treated with respect. I will not attempt to address ethical issues. I will leave the student to deal with those on their own.

As an aside, the great financier, J.P. Morgan, was said to be able to "capture" the thoughts of almost anyone in his presence and was doing business with and stated that his ability to do so was worth some hundreds of millions of dollars to him in the course of his life.

Begin the Development Exercises by selecting one or more friends who are in sympathy with you, and who are interested in the subject. Do not have any unsympathetic or uncongenial persons around when you are practicing, for such people tend to distract your attention from your work, and exert a detrimental effect upon the preliminary work. Select one of your friends as the Transmitter and take the part of the Receiver yourself.

Begin your practice by establishing a psychic harmony, or rapport, between yourself and your Transmitter by means of rhythmic breathing in concert.

Although this feature of the work has been overlooked by many investigators of the subject, still it is a very important feature of the work, and one that is conducive to the production of the very best results along these lines of psychic demonstrations.

The term "rapport" is one frequently met with in occult and psychic books. The word is defined by Webster as "Relation; conformity; correspondence; sympathetic accord." It is used by occultists in the sense of: "having harmonious vibrations with another," the occult teachings being that every person has his or her own rate of mental vibration which, when in harmonious accord with the vibrations of another, induces the most favorable conditions for the production of mental or psychic phenomena, or mental relations; sympathetic understanding, etc. This "harmonious vibration" does not necessarily mean that the two persons must be attuned to precisely the same key, but that their keynotes must harmonize, instead of producing discord. The comparison of the notes of the musical scale will illustrate the principle thoroughly. When two persons are in "rapport" with each other, there is a mental and psychic harmony between them, which is productive of the best possible mental cooperative work. You often get this kind of rapport naturally with those in love or those who are working on a common problem or best friends. Hence the necessity of good rapport conditions in Mind Reading.

Rhythmic breathing has been known to occultists of all ages as one of the important adjuncts of psychic phenomena, and its use in bringing about rapport relations is thoroughly understood by all practical occultists. Rhythmic breathing consists in the person breathing in slow measured regular rhythm. It may be acquired by counting the indrawn breath, the retained breath, and the outgoing breath, by regular beats like the ticking of a large clock. For instance, draw in your breath slowly, counting mentally according to the ticking of an imaginary large clock: "one- two- three- four." Then hold the breath, counting "one- two." Then breathe out slowly: "one- two- three- four." The rule is that the indrawn breath should have the same number of counts as the outgoing breath, the held-breath taking up but one-half the counts of either of the others. The above count illustrates this matter.

The advanced occultists get their time-beat from the pulse-beats, but this is not absolutely necessary in this connection. The principal point about rhythmic breathing that we wish to impress upon you now is that the two persons, the Transmitter and Receiver, should breathe in unison with each other-that is in perfect time and rhythm. This breathing in unison will soon establish the very best possible rapport conditions between them. From four to seven rhythmic breaths will be sufficient to establish the proper conditions in ordinary cases. In the performance of a test, in case you should feel the power of the Transmitter failing, you should stop and ask him to breathe in unison with you for a moment, and then restart your work. By breathing a little loud the other person will catch your time, so that it is not necessary for you to instruct him in the science or theory of Rhythmic Breathing. Simply tell him to breathe in unison, and keeping time with you.

Begin all your practicing with this rapport breathing, and start each demonstration with it, also. You will find that it will have a very soothing, calming, quieting effect upon both persons, and will produce in each a mental earnestness and concentration that will help along the demonstration of Mind Reading.

We shall not mention this Rhythmic Breathing or Rapport Condition when we proceed to give you the detailed direction, for the demonstration, but you must remember that it should be observed in each case. Of course, you will be able to get results without it- but not so easily, or so thorough and satisfying.

It is well to conclude your practice by taking a few deep breaths by yourself, and not in unison with the Transmitter. This concludes the rapport condition.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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