Demonstration 2 Finding A Person

Have the audience select a person, one of their number. Find the general location of the person. Then standing still, reach out your right hand, and begin "feeling about". You will find that as your hand moves away from the right person you will feel a drawing back impression, whereas when you reach toward the person you will receive an urging forward impression. A little practice will soon enable you to distinguish these mental impressions.

Next place your hand on the person who seems to be the center of the impressions. If this is the wrong person, you will receive a mental impression of "Wrong"; in which case you must start up the moving your hand back and forth, and around, until you feel the urge impression, when you should place your hand on the person immediately in front of you. When you reach the right person, you will receive an unmistakable impression and mental message of "All Right," followed by a lessening of the Will tension, and you will know that you have succeeded. As mentioned previously, you should practice this in private before attempting public demonstration. DEMONSTRATION #3: FINDING A SMALL OBJECT

Have the audience select some small object in plain sight in the room. Then find it in the manner described of above in the case of the selected person. The rule is identically the same. But there are some other details to be observed, in the matter of "up or down," for the object may be higher than your shoulder or lower, in which case you will have to either reach up or down. In this reaching up or down, follow the same general rule as given. When you reach the right location, you will feel an impression of "not yet finished" from the mind of the Transmitter. Then reach up slowly. If this is right you will receive a corresponding impression, and may go on to center the object. But if it is not right, you will receive a mental urge downward, which you should follow. The rule always is to follow the line of the least mental resistance. You will always receive the resistance when you are not succeeding, and will always receive the lack of resistance when you are succeeding. Learn to focus these impressions until they center positively and constantly on the same spot- then you have succeeded, for there will be your object right under your hand. The object can be anything: a book, a necklace a pin, a ring.

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