About Transmitters

If your Transmitter does not do his work properly, and you feel that he or she is not concentrating properly, or using his Will effectively, do not hesitate to change him. You need not offend him, for you may say simply that the rapport conditions are not fully developed between you, and that these things sometimes happen. Your new Transmitter will feel anxious to do better than his predecessor, and will be most likely to Concentrate and Will to the best of his ability

The Transmitter should be in earnest, and no levity or trifling should be permitted. If you have the selection, pick out some earnest person, and avoid the trifling, feather-brained.

If your Transmitter does not seem to be concentrating properly, you should speak to him firmly, but kindly, about it. Say to him: "Please concentrate your Mind, and Will earnestly- fix your Mind on the right spot-make a determined Mental Effort that I move in the right direction- it is your Mind and Will that gives me the impression, remember- it all depends upon you," etc. This will often have the effect of bracing him up to renewed mental activity, and you will notice the improvement at once.

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