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Not every magician or mentalist has the ability to put his or her crowd in sheer amazement. This is because of either the failure ratio of the tricks or mentalism techniques or because of their ordinary nature. Chances are that you already face these two dreadful situations. However, worry not because Ryan Clark & Mr. X has brought to you a trove of mentalism techniques and magic tricks that will help you win over your audiences just the way you've always wanted to. So, are you ready to stand in the ranks of professional mentalists and magicians Chris Angel, David Copperfield, David Blaine, and Derren Brown? Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks is the name of the treasure we talked about. It is a downloadable PDF containing all the secrets of jaw-dropping mentalism and magic tricks developed by a pioneer magician and mentalist referred to as Mr. X. His identity has been kept hidden because of the prevailing threats. However, despite that, he has laid out clear instructions on mastering two of the most revered niches of the industry. With everything regarding them in the book, you also get three bonuses of Over 500 Card Tricks Exposed, David Blaine Brutally Exposed, and an exclusive 30 Days Access to Mesmerize Monthly. Read more...

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Section 2 How Cold Reading works Defining terms What is cold reading

Cold reading is a deceptive psychological strategy. Among other things, it can be used by someone who is not psychic to give what seem to be a very convincing psychic readings. Cold reading is neither one single technique, nor one single procedure. It is better to think of 'cold reading' as the collective term for a set of techniques which can be used in different contexts to achieve different goals. In the first five sections of this book, I focus on the way cold reading techniques are used to deliver a convincing psychic reading to a complete stranger.

The Proofs Of Mind Reading

Nearly everyone has had evidences of Mind Reading or Thought Transference in his or her own life. Nearly every one has had experiences of being in a person's company when one of the two would make a remark and the other somewhat startled, would exclaim, Why, that's just what I was going to say, or words to that effect. Nearly every one has had experiences of knowing what a second person was going to say before the person spoke. And, likewise common is the experience of thinking of a person a few moments before the person came into sight. Many of us have suddenly found ourselves thinking of a person who had been out of our minds for months or years, when all of a sudden the person himself would appear. These instances are so common as to be generally recognized without question. These occurrences have given rise to common sayings, such as, Speak of the devil, or Speak of angels and you hear the rustle of their wings. Maybe the best available evidence of the average persons ability to...

Q What are your pet peeves about mentalism

Mentalism or mental magic or just plain magic has given me 49 years of solid enjoyment as an all-consuming love affair that has raged unabated. Speaking for myself, anything that can last that long and still be as appealing as the day I discovered it, can't be all bad. After several days of arranging close to 4000 cards in alphabetical order, the dining room table was completely covered with cards as I began to make up 8-card sets. It was quite a chore. After making up several hundred sets, I visited the local Walmart store to purchase some baseballs. I inquired how many they had in stock. The manager asked how many I needed About 300 I replied. I'll never forget the look on his face, but over the years I found that it was just too complicated to explain why I really needed various objects which eventually found their way into a trick. I simply told him I was the manager of a Little League team. That seemed to satisfy his curiosity. The All-Star Miracle was...

Q What importance does audience belief play in a successful mentalists performance

A I'd have to say that some measure of belief in the existence of extra sensory perception and other paranormal occurrences is definitely helpful, but not absolutely necessary. The so called suspension of disbelief we've heard about over the years has never been very apparent to me in ANY of the many performances I've witnessed by both mentalists and magicians.

Entertainment and Mentalism for Corporate Audiences

1 view myself as a corporate entertainer who specializes in mentalism. My main mission is to entertain people. Mentalism is my means to this end. What follows ire questions I reviewed as I developed my corporate mentalism act. The answers presented ire based on my own experiences over the past seven years. Why do corporations hire a mcntalist Here arc four reasons why 1 believe mentalists are hired lor an event or meeting, rather than other types of entertainers Mentalism is amazing and unexplainable. Mentalism allows audience members to share the spotlight. Mentalism is a form of entertainment thai few people have seen. 1 remind myself that I'm an entertainer first and a mentalist second. I want people to relax and enjoy each demonstration. I avoid the temptation to show off. I wani each demonstration to he more than a puzzle to figure out. I want people to laugh. And I want people to leave amazed. Achieving all of these outcomes is hard work. Achieving these outcomes takes more than...

On Fat Free Mentalism

Experience has taught me that conventional conjuring and mental magic do not harmonize and, since it appeared that I was, primarily, a mentalist, I sold my magical equipment. . . From then on I continued as a professional hypnotist and mind reader, in which field I won permanent success. -- C.A. George Newmann, The Pioneer Mentalist - Ah, who the hell wants to carry all that around anyway I'd get drunk and lose it in a poker game. Before Fat Free Mentalism After Fat Free Mentalism A mentalism show of thirty years ago might have sported such props as a large chalkboard, several tables with props, weird Mental-Epic style devices, velvet change bags, clipboards about an inch thick, a holder with test-tubes of acid, strange black-box looking notepads for Q and A, and a mentalist who may have ranged from tedious to overbearing. Lectures on ESP tests performed at Duke University, Dermo-Optical Perception, and other quasi-technical jargon might have been tossed out to an audience....

The Use of Cards in Mentalism

I find this a strange subject to be writing about. The use of cards in mentalism was never even questioned when I was going through my formative years. I have a Tannen's Magic Catalog in hand as I write this. It is Catalog number 10 from the year 1973. Turning to the mentalism section, I find Dr. Jaks' Supersonic Card Prediction, Supreme Control Deck, Perfected Mental Masterpiece, Vantastic, Menta-Match, X-Credible, etc. Other catalogs I remember, such as Abbott's and Hank Lee's, had the same type of line-up. Just about every fourth or fifth mentalism effect used playing cards. The Amazing Kreskin was always on TV during those days and he always did card effects. From what I had read of Dunninger, he did many, too. When I bought books about Annemann, Corinda and Koran, there were all kinds of card routines in those pages. The thought that playing cards were inappropriate for mentalism never existed How could they be when every mentalist I looked up to used them I have to mention, and...

Eight Guidelines for Performing Mentalism to Corporate Audiences

I will use the word act to describe a series of demonstrations with a common theme. My corporate mentalism act has between three and six demonstrations depending on the amount of time I'm given. (By the way, I use the word demonstration in this book the way others use Uic words effect, experiment, or routine. This book describes nine demonstrations that 1 have performed for corporate audiences.) My core beliefs about performing mentalism for corporate audiences come from over twenty yea is' experience as a fan of mentalism. as well as my own experiences as a performer. tion in my act involves a specific mental ability I learned lrum reading the Dunninger book. for a corporate mental ism act to hold the audience's attention, each demonstration should deal with a believable mental ability. In most cases, audience members al- ready believe. That is. most people believe ihc human mind has untapped abilities. In addition, many people believe they have had a psyehic...

Multiple Mind Reading

A final note In Verbum Sapienti there is described an entertaining bit of by-play (p. 54) that Mr. Elmsley uses to avoid any tendency toward anticlimax as the final selections are dealt with in a series of mental divinations. This same business can be readily adapted to Multiple Mind Reading , and is worth your attention.

Q Can both magic and mentalism be successfully combined in a performance Why

Both Magic Pictures

A All kidding aside, I think ALL mentalism is magic or at least based on similar, if not identical, methodology. As long as the performer does not insult his audience's intelligence, all's fair in psychic entertainment. Frankly, linking three finger rings together is pretty unbelievable stuff. But, I have seen innumerable performers blow an audience's collective minds with that one. I think it's on the edge, but in my opinion, the response is worth it. Naturally, I draw the line at Run Rabbit Run and the Professor's Nightmare. After verifying that the signature on the cassette is the one he placed there, the dignitary inserts it in an ordinary cassette player (his own or a borrowed one) and presses the play button. As another spectator displays the front page of that day's newspaper, the mentalist's RECORDED VOICE is heard to CORRECTLY PREDICT THE NEWSPAPER'S HEADLINE Think about it. How many Headline Predictions can you recall that permit the TEST CONDITIONS detailed above. The...

TeMentalists Tableclotf

Magical Eight Ball

Another utility item of great potential. I always use it in my Close-up Corner and in many other circumstances where I am called on to perform mentalism for audiences of modest size. It is not, however, an item that can be employed for table-hopping. As you will see, its uses and the effects it makes possible are extremely impressive. To construct a Mentalist's Tablecloth you will require two square pieces of velvet, one blue, the other black, each a yard square. I have had the twelve signs of the zodiac embroidered in a circle on the blue velvet. You could also cut them from felt and sew them on. This is an optional idea, but these symbols can be useful for various presentations (for example, see doing so in a manner that left the person believing that he or she had felt some supernormal vibration. Dunninger concealed the plate lifter in a length of rope. The Mentalist's Tablecloth provides an even subtler application of this marvelous principle. For example The reader, knowing that...

Welcome to Derren Brown Mentalism Tricks

Derren Brown Secrets

Although Derren Brown did not invent the principle for this effect, you will have seen this perform this trick with 'the twins' and also 'the lap dancers' in his TV show. It is a classic trick of mentalism any completely impromptu. You can do this at any time and I've personally freaked a lot of people out whilst doing this at clubs and parties. If you want an effect to build a reputation on - read on Basic Effect

Business Card Mind Reading

EFFECT Three spectators each write a name, a word or even draw a picture or symbol upon identical business cards. The cards are collected by a spectator and shuffled face down so no one knows which card belonged to whom. The Magician does a brief cold reading or handwriting analysis on each face down card to divine the card's owner. When the Magician reaches the last card, he takes a pen to a pad of paper and correctly draws whatever text or symbol is on the card. An absolute killer reveal

Introduction To Mentalism With Cards

It has been argued by my friends and colleagues that there is no place for card tricks in the Thirteen Steps to Mentalism, on the grounds that playing cards are suggestive of trickery in as much that they are so commonly associated with conjuring. With this argument on my hands I have been forced to form an opinion once and for all on this troublesome question, and I have decided to make a stand and stick by my guns. The answer is the existence of Step Ten. On the other hand there is no doubt at all that playing cards can be devastatingly dangerous to the mentalist. They could be his undoing, as they could also be his making, and it all depends on what you do and how you do it. We must therefore pay a certain amount of attention to the best way in which playing cards may be used for mentalism. We need not concern ourselves too much with cards other than playing cards because, for example, a set of E.S.P. cards or Zenna cards are such that although in shape they resemble playing cards,...

Esr should the performance of mentalism omBhe performance of magic

The magician s props and illusions vs. the more conservative manner and absence of obvious props in the performance of mentalism. The major difference lies in the mindset of the respective audiences of magic and mentalism. The magician's audience knows they are about to be deceived by manual dexterity or mechanical means. It's a trick, an illusion the hand is quicker than the eye. The mentalist, by comparison, encourages his audience to embrace the power of the material and the strength of the premise. In fact, a large percentage of a mentalist's audience want to believe, if they don't already. That is the essense of the differences that exist between the two. The precursor of this effect originally appeared in my second book. Entitled Spectramental, it required the use of a cardboard drawer box. I originally obtained mine from a veterinarian who used them as pill boxes. Unfortunately, over the years many magicians and mentalists told me they were having problems finding the proper...

An expanded model of cold reading

The above sources of information about the pseudopsychic technique suggest a model in which cold reading actually encompasses a number of discrete operations which appear to represent a hierarchy (see Figure 1). Strategies which appear higher in the pyramid are somewhat dependent upon the use of those lower down for success. For example, the use of information drawn by virtue of pigeon-holing the client may be needed to initiate the necessary conditions for cold reading by providing the source material for the client to react to. Similarly, Barnum statements may be used as distractor items before feeding back information unwittingly given up by the client in warm reading. However, it should be noted that although these strategies can have a particular temporal order, in that some stages tend to be passed through to generate information necessary for stages higher in the pyramid, the reading as a whole does not represent a steady progression through the hierarchy. Rather, the reading...

Cold Reading and romance

Having looked at the psychic context and the sales context, we can now look at cold reading techniques as they might apply in a romantic context. The second reason is simply that I get asked about this subject a great deal, and not just by other men. More than a few of my female friends, having perused earlier editions of this book, have shared their speculations about how cold reading techniques might play a part in relationships and relationship management. In fact three female friends have helped me to piece this short section together. If anything herein is deemed accurate and insightful, it can be credited to their assistance. So, which cold reading (CR) techniques might Fred usefully deploy in this context

Cold reading and criminal interrogation

I receive a lot of correspondence about cold reading from all over the world, and most of it is very interesting. On more than one occasion, police officers and other law enforcement officials have written to me about the possible application of cold reading techniques to the interrogation of suspects in criminal cases. I find this an intriguing idea, and during a visit to New York I had the privilege of discussing it further with Peter Kougasian, Assistant DA for the County of New York (and a fine magician too). Peter suggested I consult 'Criminal Interrogation and Confessions' by Inbau, Reid and Buckley, which is a standard textbook on the subject, and this proved to be an excellent recommendation. For one thing, it's a beautifully well-written book, and I'm a fan of good writing wherever I find it. I also found the contents absolutely fascinating. First, I will look at some striking similarities between standard interrogation practice, as described by IRB, and the cold reading...

Formula For Cold Readings

Briefly, the cold reading can be summarized as an ANALYSIS and PATTER STORY of the client's DESIRES, POSSESSIONS and FEARS. As the author deems this one of the most IMPORTANT STATEMENTS IN THIS TEXT, Here are the subjects to be considered in the composite 'cold reading' - depending on the individual client.

An Introduction To Cold Reading

WHAT IS COLD READING There have been many definitions of cold reading. Most define it as a technique or skill used to gather information about a subject who is unknown to the reader. In reality, cold reading is not a single skill or technique, but rather a series of them. Therefore, for our purposes, as magicians and mentalists, we shall define it as, A process by which the reader creates the effect that he or she has knowledge of an unknown subject's life - past, present and future. Most psychologists point to The Forer Effect and a phenomenon called subjective validation or selective memory. In general, it states that when you give people a number of both vague and specific claims about them - they tend to remember and give significance to the ones that are accurate or favorable, and dismiss as insignificant or forget, those that are not. In the case of cold reading, this selectivity of the human mind helps the subject interpret or retrofit the reader's assertions to fit his or her...

True cold reading using nonverbal feedback

The techniques described up to this point do not exploit information available through interaction with the client but depend instead on general truths and impression formation by the reader. When feedback is available during the reading, there is the opportunity to further refine these categories using what we have termed true cold reading (see Figure 5). This process has been likened by Hyman (1981) to the Clever Hans phenomenon (Sebeok & Rosenthal, 1981 see also Pfungst, 1911) because it exploits subtle behavioural cues emanating from the questioner during the course of the interaction to arrive at an appropriate reading. When successful, the true cold reading can follow a tree-like path, from broad trunk to branch to twig as the implicit choices made non-verbally by the client become more esoteric, resulting in end points which give very specific information indeed. And the client will tend to only remember this end point, not the stages which led to it.

Why are psychic or cold readings done

The psychic entertainer who is putting on a public show or demonstration is working in a somewhat different vein than the person who is doing a private reading. There is no confidential nature to the reading. However, the astute performer realizes that there is still a self-selecting principle at work. Generally, those in attendance will be more interested than the general public, and those that arrive early and sit in the front are more interested and involved. They are also likely to be better subjects to work with. Generally speaking, little specific information is given, and certainly, no advice. The question and answer may be used in such a way as to include a little cold reading in the response or answer. However, it is quite possible to do an entire program based only upon cold reading. In such situations, versatility is a must. The performer must have a variety of readings or approaches, as a single reading repeated over and over will, surely lose its...

Pawology Cold Reading

Once again the secret of Pawology is little more than the use of effective cold reading techniques, the main obvious advantage here being that dogs cannot talk back and as such will never be The Cold Reading methods used are IDENTICAL to those explained in the Navel Reading section of this manual and are used on the dogs owner. I also on many occasions make use of a Mentalists clipboard in order to obtain much information about the dog without the owner ever realising how I managed to find it out, in other words they end up believing that I discovered it through reading their dogs paws

Cold reading strategies

How can these findings be reconciled Often, successes by psychics have been explained not as a consequence of psychic ability, but in terms of the exploitation of common (but subtle) channels of communication using what has been termed cold reading (e.g. Schwartz, 1978 Randi, 1981). The concept is not new Whaley (1989) for example describes it as Originally the argot of psychic mediums by 1924 from the fact that the customer walks in 'cold' - previously unknown to the fortune-teller (p.173), and the stratagem was probably first hinted at in the writings of Conan Doyle through the instant face-to-face deductions of Sherlock Holmes, published from 1887. A more recent definition of cold reading, taken from Ray Hyman's classic account of the effect, describes it as a procedure by which a 'reader' is able to persuade a client whom he has never met before that he knows all about the client's personality and problems (Hyman, 1977 20). Unfortunately, this does not give us much insight into...

The Nature Of Mind Reading

The general public is almost in total ignorance of the great truths of thought transference, thought projection, telepathy, or mind reading. It is true that here and there were to be found a few scientists earnestly investigating and eagerly uncovering the hidden truths concerning these subjects. But the mass of the people were either entirely ignorant of the subject or else were intensely skeptical of anything concerning the matter, laughing to scorn the daring thinker who ventured to express his interest or belief in this great scientific phenomena. We have quoted at length from this eminent authority to show once and that this great science of MIND READING is recognized, and approved of by many authorities in science, and also to give our students the benefit of the scientific theories upon the subject. In this work we have but very little to say about theory, but shall confine ourselves to facts, and actual instruction. Of additional interest may be the fact that in the past 50...

Can anyone learn cold reading

This is a common question, and the answer is the same for cold reading as for anything else. Almost anyone can try their hand at it, but there will always be some who have more natural aptitude than others. Good cold reading tends to require the gift of the gab, modest acting ability, lack of nerves, and a touch of 'stage presence'. If a person has these qualities, he or she can probably learn to be a good cold-reader. Charm and charisma obviously help, but I seem to have done okay despite a conspicuous lack of both. It is important to point out that different practitioners learn cold reading in different ways. It is a little bit like playing the piano some learn from books, some are taught, some more or less teach themselves as they go along. Some have a very analytical approach, and teach themselves by studying and practising for many years (which is what I did). Others more or less develop the knack without trying. believe she must possess a psychic gift. In time, she was able to...

Using Cold Reading

Cold reading is an extremely powerful tool for doing this. Some of you might be wondering what the hell cold reading is. Cold reading is reading people without having any prior information about them. This is what psychics and palm readers do. The nuts and bolts of cold reading Once l began to realize that women share many similarities, I realized that l could use generalizations to describe a woman's inner psyche. Now the weird thing was this Not only did women think l was accurate with my cold reading when l used these generalizations, but they rarely every pegged me as using generalizations. In fact, they labeled me as someone who had powerful psychic abilities for pointing out the unique person they thought they were. I think the reason this works is that people's vanity about being unique prevents them from realizing that you are using generalizations. Also, when you are vague, people will fill in the details on their own. Albeit, their minds will assume it was you who told them...

Q Can music be integrated into a mentalism act

It would depend in great part on the type of mentalism that's being performed. A more serious effort that involves a significant amount of cold reading would probably suffer from a musical accompaniment. However, a fast paced presentation sprinkled with light humor and spiced with a dramatic climax could benefit substantially. One of my recent performances was backed by an excellent keyboard musician who filled some potentially dead spots with delightful background music and added cute sound bytes and musical emphasis to several effects. When I was revealing a mentally selected telephone number, I asked the spectator if she could hear her party's phone ringing in her mind. The audience actually heard the sound of a phone ringing at that precise moment It got a great laugh and made the presentation even more effective. While perusing one of my World of Super Mentalism books some time ago, I came across an effect called Midas Mentalism which involved changing a silver coin to gold....

Mind Reading Par Excellence

Mind Reading, Crystal Gazing, etc. has become one of the most fascinating arts of recent years to mystify and amuse audiences of a mixed nature. Those who are skeptical as well as those who have true belief both find it has compelling interest. The following treatise will tell you in a concise manner just how you may prepare a nice act in mind-reading that will reach both the believer and the skeptic, and all without a great outlay of time, money or preparation. During the passing out of envelopes and cards, the time taken up in the writing of questions by audience, the seer or lecturer should arrange a spirited talk on Mental Telepathy, Crystal Gazing, Mind Reading, Thought Transference, etc. letting it be of sufficient scientific nature to not permit the audience to treat the matter too lightly, yet not of such a deep nature as to Iiore the usual mixed audiences that you find you will have to work and endeavor to entertain and mystify.

The Technique Of The Cold Reader Applied To The Stage Mentalist

Practically all stage mentalists, when presenting a 'question and answer' act, concern themselves ONLY with giving ANSWERS to the questions. This type of presentation will be tremendously effective. If properly done, BUT why should not the stage performer add to his EFFECTIVENESS by using some of the technique of the COLD READER The stage performer can not only answer the question, but build a most effective thumbnail 'cold reading' around the patron - project the situation into the future, and predict the 'arrival of a letter bearing glad tidings, a new heart interest, an unexpected legacy and other pleasing expectations. ' These need not be in the realm of fancy, as careful analysis of the individual, plus the KNOWN question and a little psychology will reveal. Much of the statistical background, facts of life and general technique, as herein outlined, can be utilized to great advantage by the stage mentalist.

The power of cold reading

There seems to be a growing appreciation of the need for entertainment in the presentation of mentalism. Gone are the vaudevillian days of watching the entertainer awe an audience with his special powers , except perhaps for a relatively few master showmen such as Geller. Today's audiences are fed a diet of 'IV and movie, fast-action programming. To sit back and watch a slow moving plot that intrigues only the performer is definitely not HOT. We feel that cold reading can be presented with real impact and entertainment. It can be an act unto itself, or it can radically alter the nature, power and entertainment value of effects. Consider that the most powerful word in any language is that person's name. It has the lowest auditory recognition threshold. It is a proven winner in sales as witnessed by anyone who has taken a Dale Carnegie course, and it is central in each person's interest. If we can involve each member of the audience in the presentation of our programs, we have created...

Navelgazing Cold Reading

Well Fellow entertainer as you've probably guessed already the main secret of Navel-Gazing is Cold-Reading But look at what I said again and you'll see one of my favourite Cold reading techniques in action which is to say something which is detailed but then end it with a positive closed question which can only really be answered YES by the subject as to answer YES is in their own interest Here once again the closed question technique is used and once again it's in her interest to answer Yes - don't underestimate this cold reading technique its very useful indeed. 12) Next we'll discuss the use of Closed questions just a little bit more before explaining how I use the power of Open Ended Statements and Questions for Cold Reading Success. I hope you get the hang of it as Open statements are a very easy way of devising Cold Reading patter which will fit every person on this planet or as it is known in the Cold reading trade Boiler-Plate . 17) Two last points on Navel Cold Reading and...

Mind Reading

It is unusual to get an alliance between card manipulation and mind reading. Hence the trick described below is all the more uncanny since the member of the audience who selects a card from a shuffled pack does so mentally. He is allowed to cut the cards as many times as he likes and from then he alone handles the cards. Yet the performer is able by degrees to announce first the colour, then the suit and finally the exact denomination of the card chosen.

Mind Reading 101

I then inform the young man that he has successfully passed Mind Reading 101, which could save him much grief with the ladies in the future. This is certainly among my all time favorite mental effects as I enjoy the on-the-fly interaction with the participant in Equivoque. I find many mentalists are reluctant to use the Equivoque technique because they feel it is simply not convincing enough, especially for the stage. I see it as similar to a card magician using a top-change It has to be repeatedly performed under fire to develop confidence with it. I prefer to use Equivoque in conjunction with an impression device, so that the audience believes that you do not know which is the correct choice. This takes a lot of heat off the entire process. I urge you to read Phil Goldstein's (Max Maven) manuscript on the 5 item equivoque, Verbal Control. A Treatise On The Under-Explored Art of Equivoque. Mind Control by David Eldridge is another impressive study of equivoque...

Magic Vs Mentalism

There has always been a certain rivalry between magicians and mentalists. Magicians tend to frown upon mentalism because many proponents of the art portray themselves as real and their performances are often accepted as such. They consider this to be dishonest. Mentalists, on the other hand, tend to look down upon magicians as mere tricksters who are far removed from what they do. They see what they do as child's play and not serious entertainment. Both viewpoints are entirely erroneous. It has been the author's contention for over 35 years that mentalism isn't too strong, but rather a lot of magic is not strong enough. This has been proven over the last few years by the idiosyncrasy that when a magic effect becomes too strong, it is usually moved into a different category. Metal bending is considered telekinesis rather than legerdemain. Moving an object on the table is the work of a psychic, not a magician. Even when a mentalist does an effect that is clearly a magical one, such as...


With the recent upsurge in the popularity of mentalism, a discussion of this branch of magic is most certainly in order. Mental-ism represents a remarkable type of magic that has an appeal all its own. We, as humans, instinctively assume what goes on in our heads, our innermost thoughts, is totally private and almost sacred. When that barrier is breached and someone seems to enter into that innermost region, the mystery created is of a different one entirely. Unlike a physical occurrence which affects objects we can touch or might even own, mentalism goes further, entering into the deepest regions of our mind and touches our thoughts, our decisions and even our future. This has a remarkable effect on the human psyche and is not to be taken lightly. Most mentalists start as magicians who decide to move into this field for one reason or another. Some believe it will bring greater monetary gain while others view it as a more grown-up type of magic. Whatever the reason, it is not uncommon...

Navel Mind Reading

I've taught you Navel-Reading and Navel-Healing, so now its time to reveal my secrets of Navel Mind Reading or as it is also called Belly Button Mind Reading Essentially this is just a way of presenting standard Mentalism effects in a manner which gives the audience the impression that you are reading the subjects mind by way of looking at their Navel for information. I'm sure you can already think of numerous routines, which could be presented as demonstrations of Navel Mind Reading, but for the sake of completeness I'll explain two of my favourites.

Ways Of Mentalists

It is unlikely that a single reader will agree with this article. Mentalism (horrible word ) is a very contentious subject among magicians. Many of them look down on it from a great height, little realising that thought reading and that sort of thing has a wide appeal, especially for women. On the lowest grounds, it is fatal for the mentaiist to give the wrong idea of his act. If he does, he is quickly given away by somebody and is then put down as shoddy not clever or even smart. Why mentalists should parade the stage looking like Mephistopheles or dreary professors, I cannot imagine. They have up their s'eeves immensely mystifying tricks which, properly presented with a smile, can make grown-up children's eyes pop out. Because of the questions and choices they invite, they can so easily get in the subtle comment.

Mind Reading In Dogs

Camera Obscura

How to Train a Dog to Pose as a Mind Reader, Magician and Mathematician The remarkable performances of the well-known trained Bozzie, have of late attracted widespread attention. Not only has she puzzled the acute observation of Chicago's keen eyed newspaper men and justices of the peace, but she has been exploited as a mind reader, and preached about as being a model for poor, unenlightened mortals to emulate. The Press Club of Chicago has pondered over her performances, and has finally come to the conclusion that she is an unsolved enigma. The supposition that a dog can be a mind reader or a mathematician no person of good sense will consider for a moment, still less would one believe that a dog is able to learn cards, letters, numbers or words, any more than one would be able to draw the moon down to the earth. And yet it seems that the great mass of people will never learn that

Overview what you will find in this book

You are currently reading Section One. This introduces you to the book and to cold reading. Please read this before you read anything else - it will avoid a lot of misunderstandings. Section Two tells you how cold reading actually works. Section Three features two examples of cold reading taken from my own TV demonstrations, including the full text of a reading I gave which was deemed to be 99.9 accurate Section Four deals with Blocking, or making sure cold reading cannot be used on you. Section Six explores how cold reading techniques might apply to other, non-psychic contexts.

Aicntaiism Incorporated

Menlalism is a form of entertainment that works with many different performing styles. I call my style of performing Light Mental ism. I introduce my corporate audiences to the untapped powers of tlic human mind. My demonstrations locus on mental abilities that most people believe could be real. My presentation is written to be tun and informative. I am uncomfortable with Q & A routines and cold reading . Bccausi of poor eyesight, 1 aLo slay away irom biind-Ibld routines. While other menlalists excel at these classics of menlalism. 1 am more comfortable with demonstrations thai arc more believable and that match my personality. Regardless of your performing style or experience level, 1 hope the ideas in this book help you gain a better understanding of performing mentalism for corporate audiences.

Are psychic readings beneficial

This is an interesting debate, but it has nothing to do with this book. I am exclusively concerned with whether someone giving a reading is using genuine psychic powers or cold reading. I hope that by reading this book you will have enough information to decide this for yourself.

Effect 2 Ill Name that Card in

You'll need a normal deck of cards but you need to arrange them in a special order. Mentalists refer to this as a stacked deck. All you need to do to name their card is work out the next one in the sequence. So if the bottom card was the ace of hearts, their card is the four of spades. Rather than just simply naming their card, increase the drama and effect of mind-reading by revealing it bit by bit. The color first, then whether it is a low, high or picture card. Then name the card in full. This is a terrific routine and with a little thought, the Si Stebbins stack can be used for many other mind reading effects. What's more, the stack is instantly ready to use again simply by putting the spectator's chosen card on top of the deck face down. If you're disappointed to discover you're not divining the chosen card by reading body language or subtle facial expressions, get used to it This is the way all mind reading illusions work.

Magiciansand their methods

This book is not about the methods used by magicians, mind-readers, mentalists and the rest of my kind who practise dark, With very rare exceptions, these stage tricks and mind-reading routines have little or nothing whatsoever to do with cold reading. What magicians do on stage is entertainment. This book is about deception used outside the sphere of entertainment. Please bear this distinction in mind. (See Appendix note 2 for more on this point).

Effect 3 Heads or Tails

This simple routine introduces two important concepts important to mind reading and mental magic. The first is known as magician's choice and can used in many mentalist effects. Although the spectator appears to be getting a free choice, they are choosing exactly the coin you want them to.

About Thomas K Saville PhD

I am very impressed with his abilities, his organization, his dedication and his industry. He has a very deep perspective into the field of parapsychology. I have had the privilege, the honor, the pleasure of participating in some research with Dr. Tom, and I know how he is and how he works. His students are exceedingly fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to a man of his caliber, his far-reaching intellect, his genuine care and concern for others. It is a real honor and pleasure to work with such a person. Anyone who has watched him can only be impressed by his creative and inventive mind, his thoroughness, his professionalism - as a Psychologist, as a Psychic entertainer, as a person- I can truly say that a book of this caliber would not be possible without his efforts.

To Prepare And Perform

To begin, the cards are handed to the participant to examine and shuffle. Then simply follow the procedure as detailed because it's totally automatic. All the performer has to do is to remember the ninth card from the bottom of the shuffled deck as he feigns memorizing the order the deck. The constant reference to the target card is important during the performance otherwise the audience could forget the identity of the target card. It's also important to build the suspense of the climax leading up to the revelation of the eleventh (or whatever number is used) card. Also, should four counts produce no match-ups and there are four face down cards in the row, the top card of the deck being held by the spectator will be the target card. Surprisingly, this seldom occurs in performance. But, should it occur, just act as if you knew it would end that way. This demonstration could easily be titled the second trick that fooled Einstein. If you've been in mentalism for any length of time,...

Terms used in this book

I will use the term 'psychic' to mean anyone providing such a reading and using cold reading to do so. This point cannot be emphasised too much. Let us imagine for a moment that there are genuine psychics, and people who pretend to be psychic but just use cold reading. This book is exclusively concerned with the activities of the second group.

Ultraffinity Revisited

If you have Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism, chances are you've discovered just how strong ULTRAFFINITY is. Shortly after the publication of the book, I revamped the method and improved the effect tremendously. In the revised version, the boxes are totally shown to be empty. That is, the drawer of each box is completely removed and the two parts of the box freely shown. What an improvement For those of you who have the original version, forgive me for going through the entire modus operandi but it's necessary for those who do not have it. In my estimation it is one of the most powerful effects ever created for the professional mentalist.

This demoastrntion begins with a reference to Joseph Dnnninger and rhe book given to me by my grandfather on my tenth

Immediate iv after learning haw to do this mafhemali cat demonstration from reading the first chapter of the book my grandfather gave me on my tenth birthday, read the remaining chapters of the book. In fact. I reread the book Jour times. And. as you might expect, each chapter described additional mental abilities Dunningcr mastered in his lifetime.

How it works 37 The Elements of the Reading

For very simple readings, the psychic may rely on what is more or less a set text, or limited variations on a largely unchanging script. However, such readings are seldom very convincing, and do not constitute cold reading in the true sense. Cold reading does not involve a rehearsed script. It consists of numerous different types of statements (and questions) which can appear more significant or meaningful than they really are. I am going to call each type of statement an 'element'. The cumulative effect of these elements is to create the illusion that a reading of a psychic or mystical nature is taking place.

Preparing For Public Performances

Before taking you on with the work before an audience, we must urge upon you to prepare yourself thoroughly by means of the above mentioned exercises. The great tendency among students is to hurry through to the public work, and skipping the exercises as much as possible. This is all wrong. You will never be a thoroughly good demonstrator of anything in life, until you master the rudiments, and by practice familiarize yourself thoroughly with the details of the work. And Mind Reading is no exception. It is true that after a few exercises you may be able to give a fair demonstration before an audience, but you will never get further than fair without careful practice. And therefore we urge you to have patience and perseverance, and to stick to the exercise until you become a Master of Mind Reading, when you need fear no audience whatsoever, and will be able to give a demonstration that will be a great credit to both yourself and to us, your instructors.

Cutting by Touch Alternative Handling

Cut off the top 13 cards by finding the reversed card, count them onto the table to show there are indeed 13 cards, then place this package back on top of the deck. You've not only demonstrated cutting by touch but now have a perfect Si Stebbins deck ready to perform a mind reading effect

Four Thought Alternative Handlings

However you choose to perform this effect, the dual reality principle is at the cutting edge of modern mentalism. It can be used to give the illusion that a performer is divining complete memories of past events the sights, sounds, smells and feelings associated with a particular experience. Once again, with a little thought and imagination, the force card technique used for 'Four Thought' can be adapted into a whole range of mind reading effects. Have fun

How To Broaden The Possibilities

An excellent opening effect, but regardless of when you use it it's always ready to go with little advance preparation. The clipboard is not gimmicked. And some performers have already written and suggested that they hand out the board to enable the spectator to write down the colors, numbers, etc. and then they retrieve the board to make their prediction on the reverse side. The fact that the board and marker can be so freely handled is just one more reason why this is one of the finest utility devices I have ever conceived for use by mentalists.

Background and Philosophy

1 enjoy demonstrations that allow audience members to test their mental abilities. Psychological forces are one common way menralists can reach out to everyone And when done well, psychological forces create an experience that's fun. interesting, and amazing. These forces often cause more audience members to believe that they may possess some untapped mental abilities. This demonstration takes more time than most standard psychological forces. But people actually learn a new mental ability they can show their friends the next day. This is free advertising. In fact, the mnemonic I use could be printed on the back of your business card and given to each person in the audience. The purpose of teaching people to say the alphabet backward is to lei people experience that they have more mental ability than they realize. Once people experience success for themselves, they arc more likely to believe the other claims 1 make during my act.

Novel Idea for Ascertaining the First Question

This method follows the general procedure as given in Faked Pile of Magazines. No fake stack of books was used, and the cards and envelopes were not returned to the writers until all had been answered. The writers' names were put on the sealed envelopes as in the one ahead method just described. The opportunity to get the last name on an envelope was created through a stunt whereby some member of the audience displays his power as a mind reader. This envelope is thrown in with the other questions in the basket or bowl, the collector and performer going back to the platform. The volunteer mind reader is requested to rise, and to put his mind in a receptive mood-- maybe it will help you if I hold the question (then to party holding basket) just hand me my envelope marked, so-and-so. This is really the envelope first collected, on which performer wrote his own name.

Taschypsychography or Long Distance Second Sight

Gentlemen, five of you please take the mind reader outside of the hall and keep him in charge for half an hour. Five of the committee take the mind reader outside while the other five watch the man on the stage. He now requests the committee of five to take him outside and to keep him until after the mind reader has finished. The committee does so and the mind reader returns. He at once sees the watch and the committee asks him what time it is by the watch. The answer is 12.03, the watch is opened and the answer is found to be correct. He then tells that the number of cigars is six in the case and that the name on the slate is Harry and the number in the sealed envelope is 94. All prove correct. Explanation--The table which must be a round one is divided mentally into 24 pairs, 6 in a row and 4 deep. There are no lines upon it, but the mind reader and manager have made a mental division of it with a pin in the centre to guide them, if they are a little clumsy they can readily see any...

Stay calm stay reasonable

If you were to adopt a hostile or confrontational stance, this would - according to psychic lore -also block a totally genuine psychic attempting to give you the benefit of authentic psychic ability and insight. This is not the aim. The aim is to block cold reading being passed off as something

Do not provide feedback

As we have already seen, cold reading relies to a great extent on feedback. Hence to block cold reading, you make sure you do not provide it. Evading questions is one way of doing this. The other is to provide feedback which is useless for cold reading purposes. For example, suppose the psychic provides a response cue such as And I believe this is making sense to you isn't it . You can say

Sabotage the elements

In Section Two of this book we saw 38 elements that can play a part in cold reading. Every single element has an underlying structure or formula. In every case, if you understand the formula, you can completely sabotage that particular element. You do this by (a) openly addressing the structure or formula involved, and then (b) subverting it.

CR and cold calling 2 drilling for information

Our salesman's goal now is to drill for information. May I repeat for emphasis that cold reading techniques may be of no use whatsoever. On the other hand, they may work, and there's nothing to lose by trying. People find it a lot easier to agree with information than to provide it, so our salesman might try a variation on the Good Chance Guess, like this So far we have looked at 'cold calling', and seen how some cold reading techniques might help in a few special situations. Now let's consider a different context, when the salesman actually meets the prospective customer. The cold reading techniques we

The Automatic Writing Experiments

Another way of conducting experiments along the lines of the Higher Phenomena of Mind Reading, is akin to the Automatic Writing known to all students of Occultism. The Transmitter concentrates his thought and Will in the usual manner, while the Receiver places himself in the usual receptive, passive state of mind, and awaits the impressions. But instead of the Receiver merely sitting as usual, he draws his chair to a table, having a soft pencil in his hand and a pad of paper on the table before him. He holds the pencil lightly between his fingers, with its point touching the paper-and then awaits the impressions. Under good conditions, after waiting a time the pencil will begin to twitch and move feebly. The hands and fingers should allow it full and free motion. After a few moments of indecision the pencil will often begin to write out words. In many experiments the word, or object bought of by the Transmitter will be written out, or drawn in full by the hand of the Receiver acting...

Note 5 Barnum experiments

In the section devoted to 'Barnum statements' I mentioned that psychologists have studied the Barnum Effect. Summaries of at least two such studies appear in Ray Hyman's article, 'Cold Reading How to Convince Strangers that You Know All About Them' which was published in The Zetetic, Spring Summer 1977'. Among other studies, Hyman refers to

Subtle Glimpse of Folded Billet

In his vest pocket the performer has a number of soft lead pencils, and with the folded billets in his left hand, on top of a few opened billets (but with creases), he is ready to proceed. He makes the usual opening talk about mind reading, etc., and explains that he has the spectators write their questions the better to concentrate on them. He steps down in the audience, and as he passes out the billets and pencils, he calls attention to the fact that the slips are numbered--each spectator is to remember his number, then open his billet and write his name at the top, the question underneath, and finally fold the slip in the original creases. No one is to show or tell what he has written

The Cigarette through Shirt as Misdirection for Extensive Thievery

Much of the time, this is fine for our purposes, but it is not what we really want here. Consider this alternative handling. You have stolen the watch, and have it casually held unseen in your left hand. You are sat some distance from the spectator. You are having a conversation about aspects of the magic and mind-reading, and are allowing your tone to become serious and gently imposing rather than light-hearted By maintaining eye-contact and lowering your voice, you allow your words to develop a hypnotic quality. Your body language and non-verbal communication suggest complete seriousness on your part, and the spectator is drawn into that. You continue talking, and say, 1 would demonstrate more of what I mean, but I do not have the time now. You've sat there listening to me br a while, haven't you What is the You stop and suddenly surge in your seat. You close your eyes and inhale deeply, clenching your left fist around the watch and bringing it up in front of you. - time, anyway you...

Stupid credulous and gullible

If you have a good grasp of how cold reading works, and how to block it, then it cannot be used on you. Otherwise, it can. It makes no difference how smart, highly-qualified or intellectually brilliant you may be. None of these qualities present any difficulty to a good cold reader. What is more, deception itself is an extremely vast and complex field. It can easily occupy a lifetime of study, and embraces many specialised arenas. Experts in one area (such as card manipulation or gambling scams) may know next to nothing about other areas (such as metal-bending and cold reading).

The Last of The Spike Tricks

Seemed like a good idea, but my friend Lee Nobel once told me that when he performed the Spike trick at one of the Psychic Entertainer's Association conventions the lighting was such that he couldn't see the hair. He trusted that the spike would be under the marked cup -- and it was. In one of my previous books I suggested performing the Spike trick with a large magnet embedded in the base and using a concealed compass to locate it. Many mentalists didn't like the idea of having to conceal a compass by sleight of hand, and although I performed this method many times I couldn't ignore the feeling that I was moving in the wrong direction, making the trick too complicated, dirtying it up. So back to the drawing board.

AjpproachxnQ oJFie oab[e

Some of the better thoughts on this have come from Eugene Burger, Jim Sisti and Kirk Charles among others. You can, without too much work, adapt these to the mental close-up worker. The ideal situation is for the organizers to announce (or just make known) the fact that a strolling mindreader will be circulating and to be sure to see them. This certainly makes life easier. I find that this is not always possible, though, so I have frequently had to resort to a cold approach. Those cited above have some very good lines that work out fairly well for mentalism. My personal favorite, though, actually comes from my good friend Richard Webster. It is included here with his very kind permission. He will approach a stranger (preferably a woman) and ask, Excuse me, but have you One of the truly great things about this little world of psychic entertainment is the people you meet and get to be friends with. As this is being written, I have yet to actually meet John Riggs in person. We have...

By Mark Strivings

Method - Obviously this is not brain busting mentalism, but it is very entertaining for the right audience. I've used this with daycare audiences as well as adults (with different presentations) and it plays great The source of inspiration for this is a terrific piece that my buddy Earl Keyser published in Magick magazine several years ago using balloons. What 1 liked most about Earl's presentation was the fact that there was movement involved. Here we had a mentalism presentation that was uisually interesting. I wanted to carry the concept into the close up arena and this is the result Count to three and have everyone let go. Only the chosen toy will walk away (or whatever it does) A very nice piece of light and breezy mentalism.

Demonstration Three People Reading Plus

Rive people are each asked to draw a picture on a piece of while cardboard. Che performer uses his mental abilities 10 determine who drew each picture. I .'alike Sneak Thief, I do not end with a design duplication of the final drawing. Lnding with a design dupli cation is very strong, but in my act 1 want to display one mental ability- per demonstration. My demonstration ends

Cagliostro Billet Reading Test

The performer during all this gathering of the messages, gives some sort of a lecture on the subject of Mental Telepathy, Mind Reading, Spirit Communication, etc., and plans to finish about time Glass Bowl is brought on stage. Reaching into Bowl he takes out one of the Sealed Envelopes, places it to his

The Thirty Minute WalkOn

Own Swami Gimmick

Laziness in mass-producing the necessary props, I decided to give it away to my brethren in mentalism. You may send your love-offerings to me directly. Some preparation is required, as well as proficiency in standard mentalism techniques. You will need a wallet of the signed-card-in-envelope variety. The LePaul wallet is good, but for this routine I prefer the Balducci Wallet. This is a wallet that contains a small notepad, which acts as a slide to allow you to load a card into the zippered compartment behind the pad. This wallet requires some slight modifications for our purposes.

Magic Books Authors Note

Those of you who have seen me perform will be aware that I have moved away from conjuring material to work with the area of our profession that deals with mind reading and psychological effects. This type of performance has always interested me more, and the development of genuine hypnotic, suggestive and persuasive skills has come to mean more to me than learning sleight-of-hand. This is, however, a book about the presentation of more traditional magic, which constitutes my background and is still something I enjoy immensely. The reader will detect a strong leaning towards mental effects in my writing, but although much will be said to interest the mentalist, this book is not designed to be purely about such things. Mind reading, for me, is immensely personal the style and approach I developed were born from my feelings towards the presentation of magic as a whole. I tend to keep the details of methods to myself in this area I would hope to let my performance efforts speak for...

Ive Got Your Number

This is the Add-A-Number routine mentioned in the previous write-up. In Suburban Charlatan I described one version of doing this effect. I've since come up with another, better way to do it. I included this handling in my lecture before the Psychic Entertainer's Association and it met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Tio Knows cJiic Pencfufum Knowsf

Method - For those who have been around mentalism, you are probably ahead of me on part of the method here. For those who know Docc well, you definitely know the modus. What's great about this presentation is that it's a combination of a variety of approaches and techniques that combines for a devastating demonstration.

What the audience sees

A person from the audicnce is taught the inner secrets of mind reading and then successfully reads the thoughts of three people from the audience. Helio, my name Chuck Hickok vottr name is Rick, in o few minutes I will leach you some of the inner secrets of mind reading.

Thanks and acknowledgements

'RM' was my first teacher in cold reading and related aspects of applied deception, and showed me the difference between theory and practice. Tony Youens is a valued ally in the deception game, and has a sense of humour perhaps even worse than my own. Chris French and Richard Wiseman, both highly-respected authorities in parapsychology, have given freely of their time and expertise over the years. Robin Allen was the first to encourage me to lecture about cold reading, and to provide me with a platform to do so. Rory Raven is a fine, stylish mentalist as well as a truly delightful correspondent. My thanks to Rory and Judy for their exceptional kindness when I stayed in Providence (yes, Dixie, and you as well). Drew McAdam is daft as a brush, but also a great performer and, just to prove what a terrific friend he is, introduced me to Lagavulin. My thanks to him and Liz and their J. Ben Whiting is not only a good mentalist, who regularly finds interesting things to share, but is also...

Section 4 Blocking techniques

It can be used to deliver any kind of psychic reading. What is more, it seems to work on virtually any client, no matter how intelligent or sceptical they are. In fact, cold reading is so effective that there is literally only one way in which it can fail. If the client knows how cold reading works, and knows how to block it, then the cold reader is beaten. By reading this far, you have learned how cold reading works. Armed with this information, you can probably begin to see for yourself how to block the cold reading process. In this section, I want to present you with five golden rules for blocking any attempt to use cold reading on you. So now, with your knowledge of cold reading and your trusty tape machine whirring away, you are ready to block the cold reading process. Here are the five golden rules.

The Creery Experiments

Mind upon the hidden object, and the seeker eventually finds it by means of Mind Reading. The reverend gentleman said in his report to the Society We will close by mentioning another remarkable series of experiments conducted by the same Society. 'The Mind Reader was M. G. A Smith, of England. Among other We could proceed relating case after case, experiment after experiment, conducted by these scientific bodies of learned and careful men. But the story would be no more convincing than that related above. And, after all, there is a method of satisfying yourself that is far more conclusive than the reading of any results of experiments of others-and that is to learn to perform the feats of mind reading yourself. By means of a very little practice you will be able to reproduce many of the Games of the public performers such as the great Kreskin, as well as the experiments of the scientific societies, and then when you have realized that you can do these things you will need no further...

Anna Eva Fay Message Test

Wherever possible, try when getting into a town to gather all information possible about prominent citizens and if they are in audience, and they probably will be, go the limit with them, which always will make a big hit and strengthen the belief that you are a real mind reader and can read their thoughts with ease.

CR and staging the sales meeting

The next Set Up technique we looked at was 'Establishing an intimate atmosphere'. In the context of an initial sales meeting, this translates as 'Establishing an atmosphere conducive to selling'. If the salesman is visiting the customer, which is usually the case, then he obviously has limited control over 'atmosphere'. Even so, his cold reading sensibilities can come in handy. Some people, when they attend meetings, immediately plonk their briefcase down on the desk directly between themselves and the other person, and then proceed to lay out a notebook, laptop, pack of sales literature and so on. This creates a needless physical barrier, a 'psychological wall', between themselves and the person they are meeting. This inhibits rapport.

By Larry Becker Mark StrtVmgs And Robert Waller

The first version of this marvelous effect (titled 'Mind Probe') was published by Larry in 1979 in his World Of Super Mentalism . Then in 1992 Larry published one of the classic books in mentalism, Stunners , In that wonderful book, Larry provided an updated handling of 'Mind Probe' which introduced some extra subtleties to the original handling. Described here, with Larry's kind permission, is the next generation of 'Mind Probe',

CR and building rapport

We have already seen that cold reading techniques can help to establish rapport. In any conversation, if the other person feels that you understand them, and that there is plenty of room for agreement, they gain a sense of convergence and bonding. In other words, good rapport. If the other person feels that you do not understand them, and every conversational thread seems to fragment into disagreement, they gain no sense of convergence and bonding, and are unlikely to enjoy the encounter. Judicious use of some cold reading techniques might therefore help Fred to enhance his rapport with Ginger. A few examples should illustrate the point. This concludes our brief look at the potential application of cold reading techniques to a romantic context. There is probably a great deal more that could be said, but it would fall beyond the scope of this book. I feel I should add that while cold reading techniques may well have a 'romantic' role, I am wary of exaggerating their significance. When...

The 5000 Challenge Prediction

An astounding new discovery Internationally famous mentalist reveals secret method for making infallible predictions. Thanks to the inventive genius of one of the world's foremost mentalists, you can now share in the secret of the century. Imagine being able to correctly predict the outcome of events, anytime EVERY time. And that includes prize fights, baseball games, elections, football games, tennis matches, basketball games, even the flip of a coin. There's NO guesswork involved. It's INFALLIBLE Your friends will be absolutely amazed. In fact, just for the fun of it, you can offer ridiculous odds like 500 to 1. It doesn't really matter, there's no way you can lose. This is not a pipe dream or a come-on. The Infallible Prediction was recently developed for use by professional mentalists in their television appearances and publicity efforts. But, the inventor has decided that it would be more profitable to release it to members of the general public whom recognize the fabulous...

Praise for Derren Browrs Pureefect

PURE EFFECT opens a rich and significant new chapter in the progress of magical performance and mentalist technique. From the threads of his unique excursions into performance psychology, hypnosis, art and deception, Derren Brown has woven a breathtakingly original and compelling tapestry of magical excellence which could, and should, transform not just contemporary magical performance but also the way that books in this genre are henceforth written and presented. The ideas, approaches and routines in this book are to my mind the most captivating, and disturbingly persuasive, pieces of magical mentalism currently on offer to the deceptive trades. This is a stunning debut, and a brilliant new landmark in the navigation of supreme magical artistry. Over the years Derren Brown has consistently fooled me with his material and I'm genuinely relieved that this book is now available as the situation is becoming embarrassing. PURE EFFECT is a beautifully written book containing an...

Elements about extracting information

This may seem far too facile to play any part in cold reading process, but this is not necessarily the case. It all depends on the nature of the reading and the client's attitude. Many of those who pay for psychic readings are pre-committed. They trust the psychic and the belief system, and neither seek nor require any proof of the psychic's gifts. As far as they are concerned, they want help, the psychic is there to give it, and the sooner they can get down to details the better. In cold reading terms, the actual significance each card is deemed to have is irrelevant. A serious book on interpreting tarot cards may tell you that 'The Tower' signifies change in existing relationships. However, the cold reader can attribute whatever significance she wants to any card, whether or not it accords with conventional tarot lore. All that matters is that it sounds convincing, and that it leads up to that all-important prompt for feedback. Some cold readers may choose to actually learn about...

Effect 10 Tarot Reading

Tarot Reading relies on a technique known as cold reading. It's a technique used by clairvoyants, psychics and mentalists to make a person believe you can read their innermost thoughts. The statements used are specially designed to sound specific to one person and yet they are so general, they actually apply to a large percentage of the population. Now all you need to perform some cold reading is a pack of Tarot cards and to memorize the above statements. Get your spectator to shuffle the Tarot deck and then ask them to deal six cards face down on the table.

The Greatest Scam In History

Because I gave the reading, and there was nothing psychic about it. Instead, I used 'cold reading' - the psychologically deceptive technique which is the subject of this book. The great thing about cold reading, as far as its practitioners are concerned, is that hardly anyone knows about it. In an age when consumers are more cautious and informed than ever before, none of them know the first thing about cold reading. No public book store in the world contains a single work on the subject. I cannot prove that psychics use cold reading. But I can give you all the information you need to decide for yourself. Welcome to the full facts about cold reading.

Performance Tips

1 - Most people do not believe in mind-reading as fact but they are more likely to believe you can read body language or influence behavior. To assist with this, set a mood and enhance your tricks by dressing them up as psychological illusions. deliberated over to maintain the illusion of mind-reading and to build suspense. If you enjoy yourself your audience will too. Don't embarrass your spectators or audience don't make them look foolish and don't blame them if things go wrong. If a trick doesn't work out the way you planned its not their fault - its yours. Learn from the experience, practice, practice and practice some more until you have perfected the art of Easy Mentalism. Unlike other forms of magic, Mentalism absolutely relies on getting spectators to assist you with your experiments. Getting your first volunteer to join you on stage to assist can be the most difficult part of the act. When choosing a spectator, look them directly in the eye and say You Sir -would you come up...

Long Distance Experiments

Experiments of wireless Mind Reading or Telepathy may be tried between friends at long distances, space apparently presenting no obstacle to the passage of the thought waves. Pick out some friend with whom you have established a strong rapport condition by means of his having acted as your Transmitter in your Contact Mind Reading experiments, and by having practiced Rhythmic Breathing, as heretofore described. Have the Transmitter sit in his room at the appointed time, gazing intently at some small simple object, such as a knife, a glass, a cup, a book, etc., and endeavoring to make a clear mental picture of it, which picture he should also Will to be reproduced in your mind. Remember he should think of the looks or appearance of the object not merely of its name he should think of the shape, etc., of the book, instead of thinking the word book. At the same time you should sit quietly in your room, placing yourself in the same passive, receptive mental attitude that you have acquired...

CR and the illusion of knowledge

So far, we have seen a few possible parallels between the psychic context and the sales context. It is fair to say these are quite limited in scope. We have yet to see how cold reading techniques could make a significant difference to our salesman's daily activity. I believe there is one area where can cold reading techniques can make a huge difference helping the salesman to appear more well-informed than he really is. Let me explain what I mean. The salesman's other option is to use cold reading techniques to convey the impression, or let the impression be formed, that he knows more than he really does. Whatever the ethics involved, let us look at how cold reading techniques can help. Here's our new context summary It should come as no surprise that many 'character' elements apply to companies as well as they do to people. After all, you can discuss a company's birth and history, profile and reputation, triumphs and failures, hopes and ambitions, health and relationships (with its...

Elements about the future

Psychics are well-known for their ability to peer into the future on behalf of their clients, and few psychic readings would be complete without at least a little glimpse into tomorrow and beyond. This is a very important aspect of cold reading, and one which is so easy it is laughable (except to believers). I have already clarified the fact that this book is about cold reading, and not magic tricks. Let me stress this point one more time, since I have often come across confusion on the issue. This is just one example of the startling and ingenious prediction routines featured by many of today's magicians and mind readers. I have even performed a few of them myself over the years. I once posted a sealed prediction to Britain's most popular daytime TV show two days before I was due to appear on it (This Morning' with Richard Madeley and Judy Finnegan). The envelope was signed on air by the show's presenters, and then kept somewhere safe by the producer. Two days later, when I appeared...

Elements about facts and events

I have dwelt at length on the Fuzzy Fact because it is a very common element, with applications to many different kinds of cold reading. It can be used to generate statements about relationships, family, career, names of people or places or events, sets of initials, numbers, trips, holidays and celebrations. It is the widespread use of the Fuzzy Fact which has probably given rise to the notion that cold reading consists of vague statements (see 'Vagueness and generalisation'). It bears repeating that it is not just vagueness that makes this element work - it is the high likelihood of being right in some way, and the scope it offers for refinement into something more precise.

Development Exercises

Notes of the musical scale will illustrate the principle thoroughly. When two persons are in rapport with each other, there is a mental and psychic harmony between them, which is productive of the best possible mental cooperative work. You often get this kind of rapport naturally with those in love or those who are working on a common problem or best friends. Hence the necessity of good rapport conditions in Mind Reading. Begin all your practicing with this rapport breathing, and start each demonstration with it, also. You will find that it will have a very soothing, calming, quieting effect upon both persons, and will produce in each a mental earnestness and concentration that will help along the demonstration of Mind Reading.

CR and cold calling 1 accessing the prospect

A lot of business-to-business selling starts with a salesman telephoning companies to see if they're in the market for whatever he's selling. Some call this 'telesales', some call it 'cold calling', and some call it 'hell on Earth'. So how can cold reading techniques help in this situation To see how, let us briefly reconsider what's happening in the context of a typical psychic reading. Specifically, let's focus on the main goal of whoever is giving the reading. We can summarise the psychic context like If the salesman comes up against a 'blocker', cold reading techniques may be no use whatsoever. Then again, our salesman has nothing to lose by trying. So he waits a while, then calls the main switchboard and tries a Fuzzy Fact This scenario of the unhelpful person trying to 'block' the sales call is relatively rare, and the suggestions made above might prove futile. Nonetheless, this first example serves to illustrate the general theme of this section. First, we analyse the context...

The Great Mental Photograph Test

Randall Brown, with his baggage well pasted over with foreign hotel and railway labels, reached Chicago the other day on a trip around the world. Away back in 1873 Brown, then a pale-faced stripling, was a reporter on a local paper. Without his ever dreaming of it Reporter Brown was, perhaps, one of the most remarkable men who ever ornamented the profession. The idea of adding to the news-gathering faculty as it commonly exists the gift of mind-reading is a distinct advance in newspaper work. Such an equipment as would be at the service of a young newspaper man who had the faculty of reading minds is beyond anything the big metropolitan dailies have been able to make practicable, and they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on news every year. It was a clairvoyant,' said Mr. Brown, 'that first sent me into the mind-reading business. I was a Chicago reporter at the time. One day a young fellow of the name of Curtis, a reporter on the same paper, got an assignment to...

How To Read Peoples Minds

Mind-reading began its career in Chicago. The sensation produced by it was astonishing, and it has not yet had its day. It has not only puzzled the minds of everyday people of the world, but has also engaged the attention of scholars, scientific men, statesmen, and even crowned heads. The first person who made any display of it was J. Randall Brown. He became a monomaniac on the subject, experimenting with all his acquaintances, and informing them of the many wonderful things he could do, till they began to think he was possessed, as some of them expressed it. Brown's first public success, and that which caused him to adopt mind-reading as a profession, was, strange to say, on a wager which he made with an old and well-known resident of Chicago. He made a bet that he could find a pin, no matter where it was concealed, stipulating only that it should be within walking distance. After considerable speculation as to where the hiding-place should be, the gentleman concealed the pin...

Relating to Performance

Magic, in fact, depends upon an ability to deftly manipulate an audience into experiencing the impossible. Correctly done, this manipulation will elevate the spectators, for wonder is a delightful thing. Often mentalists prefer to provoke awe at their powers, for mentalism is, as I have said, too often about showing off an imaginary skill rather thaji creating a moment of wonder outside of oneself. I am all for provoking awe at my imaginary powers, understand me. But I feel this can be done subtly and indirectly, and in a way that captures the imagination of the audience, rather than patronises them. My concern here is the practice of cold-reading. Mentalists pride themselves on their skills in this area and often preach its efficacy with an evangelical fervour. It seems acceptable for a hired entertainer to sit someone down and make personal statements that are seductive and believable to the credulous, or at worst even offer messages of reassurance from loved ones beyond the grave....

Section Three Putting the theory to the test

This section features two examples from my own televised demonstrations of cold reading. In the first, I was asked to pose as a tarot reader, and in the second as an astrologer. Both of these demonstrations were given for British TV. I will also make passing reference to a third demonstration, for American TV, in which I posed as a clairvoyant.

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