Wonderful Spirit Slate Secret

Effect; Performer shown two ordinary slates, allowing both to be examined freely to prove there is no preparation, no secret mechanicism, extra flaps etc. Having convinced audience that slates are absolutely fair in every way, he goes even farther to be cc~*iitcing and washes the slate on all -sides and places them together and allows sax-e to be tied and held by anyone in audience. At no time does he approach a table, chair, etc. except to get sponge, chalk, string, etc. But during this interval he may allow slates to be held to preclude any chance to either add to or get rid of anything connected with the slates.

Having washedislates off and had same tied and held by audience he may now cause any message he wishes to appear. It may be the name of a selected card, name a well known person, give date of a coin, or it may be in the form of an answer to a question asked by someone in audience.

To perforin this apparent miracle,procure from any first class drugstore what is known as a caustic pencil. By this we mean a Lunar Caustic stick which is largely composed of nitrate of silver. This should not be handled in a careless manner as it is primarily intended to burn off warts, etc. and is very corrosive when it comes in contact with the skin and will cause severe burns if handled without some caution. No danger however need be attached to its use if ordinary care is used. Never put it in the mouth or in contact with tender surfaces on the body.

You, previous to showing experiment, take an ordinary slate and with this Lunar Caustic Stick or pencil, write the message you are to produce later on the slate. Having written that which you are to appear later you have a rare treat in store for your own edification, for you will find that by breathing on your written message it will vanish like magic, leaving the surface of slate absolutely blank.

You now prepare further by having a sponge which you have well dampened (but not to an extreme) with a solution of salt and water, making this strong as possible. Experimenting will quickly show how much salt to use and just how; .moist to have sponge.

It will be found now that when presenting trick, after allowing slates to be examined, that if you wash off the slates with the sponge saturated with salt water and place slates together and arranging patter of suitable nature and length to allow the water to dry on slates sufficiently, the action of the salt water will cause the previously invisible writing to appear and stand out in bold white letters that will startle the performer equally as much as his audience.

We might add that by experimenting a little farther the performer, if he is not capable of finding suitable material for patter that will extend over a fair interval to allow the moisture to dry on slates, may resort to adding a little alcohol to the salt water mixture which will aid evaporation and allow for quicker action In bringing out the spirit message on slate.

We believe we have given sufficient ground work and information so that any^~perftyniier-whj>-wishes--to- £urt±t€rr^-add"~tt>-e££ejcJLjDX,, seating this mystifying experiment will be fully capable to do so by a careful study of the essentials that enter into the experiment.


Effect: Performer requests someone in audience who is well known and who positively cannot be a confederate to assist him in the experiment. The performer then takes a plain blank card from the table and writes something thereon. This he states is to be a prophecy of what his selected assistant is going to say. This card he places in an envelope which is first sealed and then marked for future identification so that no possible change of envelopes could take place.

Performer now states that he will demonstrate the theory of thought projection and his development of the so called 'mental influence' has become such a state of perfection that when so desired, concentrating on a certain per-son,you may will him or her to actually do or say a certain thing 99 times out of a possible 100, and have them actually follow out your exact wishes.

You may now ask your assistant who has been selected by your audience to mention a number between 1 and 1000, name some prominent person, a day in the week, a certain color, and such other questions as you see fit. Ask him if there has been any particular reason in the selection of his answers. The reply naturally will be in the negative. Let us suppose your assistant has called the following items. Number 75, Woodrow Wilson, Sunday, and Red.

The performer now states}"l have previously written a prediction on a card placed it in an envelope, had envelope sealed and marked for future identification, and this envelope has not left your sight for a single instant.

What I have written on the card could not have been known beforehand by Mr.--

and it is certain that I could not have known what items were going to be selected by your Mr.-------that is helping me."

The performer now opens the envelope, has someone remove the card on which the performer has previously written his deductions and which upon examination, proves to be exactly the same as those called out by your selected assistant. The effect that you have just produced may be brought about by very simple means, but should be presented in; ae drematic—ftmanner as possible, so its marvelous influence will create the general idea that you are possessed of some power beyond their comprehension.

Method #1. Read over very carefully, and by all means-reheajfaeraeveral times so you will become familiar with the easy use of the Metal Thumb Feke ./oeJShembeftftyAfiST' - with proper practice you should be able to write quite plainly with it after giving it the proper amount of study and practice. The envelopes are prepared by inserting a small sheet of carbon paper that is very rich in black color and thin enough so no extreme pressure is required with the thumb feke to get a good impression thr$i .the thickness of the envelope on the card enclosed in same. You will find the carbon paper is purposely cut short so it does not extend the full length of the. envelope, and a touch of glue or paste is given it so it will adhere firmly in same and prevent its premature.Jappearance^>rtiea-the-card _Is-withdrawn.later.

In prepar.ing_iilie._eri\zftlapftfL;, Ta ggp.r Ti^(lyrrhon P^p^.r, jnannfart-in-p/^

by Mittag and Volger, Partridge, N.J. With this you should use Dixon Red Pencil called Lake Red #321-1/2. If you wish to have your work in black, use the Mitvol Black #175 carbon paper, made by same people, and a good black pencil such as a #2 Eank Pencil or a good black carbon pencil with the small lead that may be had in almost any first class stationery stores.

Now just a little more attention to the Thumb Feke or Stylus. You will note there is a smooth metal point that projects on the outer side. The curved ears are made to encircle the thrrjb at the rear end hold it firmly so you may write with it when required. If the metal clips or ears don't conform to the shape of your thumb, band 'hem so they will, the idea being to get the feke so the point or stylus will be well up on the point of the ball of thumb to facilitate writing easily and without detection-, the time for this we shall go into more fully. Keep this feke in the right hand trouser pocket, the card and prepared envelope in the inside coat pocket, and the stub pencil in the vest pocket. You are now ready for the presentation of what should be one of your most wonderful effects and if it does not prove to be this, you will find you are lacking either in practice or how to visualize the proper dramatic atmosphere you should create.

Presentation: Performer allows his line of patter to run along something after this sort:"I have been told that I seem to possess an exceptional power and exert a peculiar influence over some of my friends. I have myself observed this to be exceptionally pronounced at times. When I so desire or when I concentrate strongly upon a certain person and wish him or her to do a certain thing, 99 times out of 100 they will comply exactly with my wishes. This does not simply occur with a few friends but may be accomplished with strangers as well.

"i will now try and demonstrate this point to you, that it is really impossible for me to make any human being think anything that I desire" (now take the envelope, card and pencil from your pockets). "Will someone kindly place their initials on the corner cf this card, which you will observe is entirely free from preparation" (Show both sides cf cs::d).. "Also, please place a mark of identification on the envelope."(See that the envelope is closed so that you don't e-riorva the carbon paper inside.) "Now will someone give me the name of rome one in the audience that is well known and who has your confidence. I will shortly prove that I will cause this selected person to think exactly as I desire*"

Someone names Mr.----------—"Now before I speak a word to Mr,------1 will proceed to write something on this card, the one that has just been marked for future identification, cnd then place the card in the envelope that has also been marked and examined" (You now write on the card. Mr.-------will think as I desire, which is ---------". Do this in a scrawly hand so that it will "'•

compare favorably with the scrawly writing you are to do later with the thumb feke, which will make the carbon impression on the card in the envelope). "I will allow anyone to place a neal on this envelope if they so desire." (Be sure the card in the envelope is so placed that the writing is next to the carbon paper, and what ycu have written is where the carbon paper has been cut short. The clear-blank-space-orf -the-card—is_Jinder_Jlie^ for the impression writing you are to make with the thumb feke thru the envelope. The blank space should be on the lower part of the envelope, farthest away from where you seal it.)

Performer new remarks, "You all realize that it is practically impossible for Mr.—-----to know what I have written upon the card which is now in the sealed envelope. This also applies to all of you. Now Mr.------when I

say the word READY, I desire you to speak out loud so that the entire audience will be able to hear you, any number from 1 to 1,000. This will give you plenty of time to miss if you can, which I doubt you will be able to."(The envelope is held in the tips of the left fingers. You now casually place your right hand in your trouser pocket, slip the feke on tip of thumb, bring out right hand and grasp the envelope with tips of right fingers as well as the left ones, holding same away from your body and toward audience.)

For misdirection so audience won't follow you too closely, divert their attention toward Mr.-----—by some remark such as, "not getting tired are you,etc'»"

You now give the word READY and whatever number is spoken you secretly write on the envelope with the thumb feke, this in turn making the carbon impression on the card in envelope, but just below what you have written as we have mentioned. If so desired, he may mention two or three numbers, next giving name of some prominent person, a color, day of the week, and even mention the names of some different objects. All these you write immediately on envelope with the thumb feke,.

If you will carry on your work in a casual way, and divert as much attention toward Mr.------by various remarks, you will have no difficulty in writing all this unseen, and as the envelope is in full view of audience, and sealed, there should be nothing of a suspicious nature to divert the full effect being produced on your audience. Having completed writing you again casually place hand in pocket, get rid of feke, but be sure that envelope is in full view at all times, being held well away from body with your left hand.

You now remarks"A roment age I wrote something on an unprepared card and placed it in an unprepared envelope, which was then sealed and has never left your sight even for an instant. You also had your free choice of the person who assisted me in this experiment. This person, Mr.------has had his free choice of a number or numbers, name of a prominant person,a day in the week, a color, ana such other things as he sees fit to mention. If .these things are found written upon the card in this envelope, you must surely give me credit for the projection of thought anywhere that I desire.

"Thought is an universal thing and will go where it is directed. Let us see if we have been successful." (You now tear open the envelope on the opposite end from the carbon paper, holding envelope downward so audience cannot see inside of envelope. Now request someone to remove the card from the envelope and to read aloud exactly just what is written on the card. At same time crumple up envelope and dispose of it immediately and place it in your pocket so no one can get hold of it later if curious. A little practice and you will be able to match the pencil writing with the thumb feke,)

Method £2. Small Drug Envelope #2. Inside small carbon paper pasted. Carbon paper 1/4" shorter -tharL^rTalope^o-Jjs-ter-you-can tear this and open and not expose—carbon. Used Red Carbon to match Red Crayon.Pencil__as^rrevidOUsly exp.1 ained .On side- tableware-several___errvelopes-and^several yieces'of—paper .

Arrange as follows. Bottom envelope has piece of cardboard inside for good writing base and is sealed; next plain blank envelope; next envelope with red carbon paper, this being sealed. Next duplicate of paper on which you are to write,' on top of this, narrow piece of paper (light weight) two or three times longer than envelope. Next plain unsealed envelope on which rests duplicate piece of paper. Alongside envelopes or in pocket have a black and also a red pencil.

Pick up stack of envelopes, show blank paper, stating with red pencil you will write thereon a number, name of a ptrson, day in week, and a color. Go thru motions of doing this, allowing paper to rest on stack of envelopes so writing will appear natural. Put away Red Pencil, tak^ paper that you have apparently written on and insert in top envelope, which is unprepared, and give to someone to hold. Now proceed as explained in securing an assistant selected by audience, and have them mention a number, name of person, day of week etc. Now secure black pencil and have in readiness with paper in position so you can write on top of it and so that it will be near the top of carbon.

Explain you have written on paper inside envelope, being held by someone, a number between 1 and 1000, etc. Now ask that Mr.----concentrate and when you say READY, to mention a number between 1 and 1000. Whatever number is called say, "Correct. Exactly the number I have written on paper in envelope being held." As matter of verification I will write this number with this black pencil on this slip for verification later. Boldly do this, taking care to write so impression will come in proper place in side envelope that you remember has the red carbon and sheet of paper. Proceed as in first method until you have finished with the various items called.

When finished, put away black pencil, hand verification slip to another member in audience well away from party holding envelope. R.eturn and ask for the envelope, taking it by tips of fingers and as you make half turn, make the top- or bottom switch as used in card tricks. As soon as this has been accomplished, keep hands moving and well apart, holding the feked envelope with the carbon paper and message in plain sight, and dispose of the balance of envelopes, etc. as soon as possible without creating suspicion. Now tear envelope at end where the carbon paper is short, remove the paper with the carbon message and pass it for verification to party who has the slip written with black pencil fci verifying the correctness of the names, etc. being correct. Boldly and properly presented this makes a very fine effect and does away with the thurib feke.

A startling effect "may be produced by using an assistant. He or she should be someone that will not divulge your secret later to any who may be curious This assistant is provided with a duplicate blank card, identical with one you are to use., also a short stubby pencil. She is now seated and asked to write whatever she happens to be thinking of. Passing her a card visibly she complies with request that she write whatever she is thinking of. Puts in envelope and seals. Same is placed in plain view. While audience^,ia^naking choice as in previous methods, performer writes same on black beard or slate, so all can see what taking pl«ce. Use rood white chalk.

In rpfllirv t:hnt an anpcrrtxu3.ity JtQ on the .card the various-choices of audience that is being written on black board or slate. This secret writing being done in a similar manner to that provided by performer in Method #2 just described. The Envelope #1 with the original prediction has a tiny dab of wax on its reverse side. Performer now states he will have it initialed by someone to prevent any deception or substitution.

The original prediction envelope #1 is picked up and handed to assistant who palms second secret envelope onto Envelope #1, where it sticks due to the dab of wax. The two envelopes can then be handled naturally as one and a spectator is asked to initial the envelope(s). The initials are put on the second envelope. On the way back to the stage, the original envelope (#1) is secretly disengaged from the second and either palmed away or dropped behind something as Envelope #2 is set on table in plain view. After a little build up, the ^envelope is opened and the medium proven correct.

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