Two Person Seance

The method employed is simplicity itself with only a little practice by the performer and medium being necessary. Performer needs one small basket, lined with some soft black cloth. Basket is rather deep and the lining

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bottom is a small pocket just large enough to hold a thumb tip such as used in the chink paper tearing trick. This comes to the first joint of thumb.

Hand out slips. Basket is on table with thumb tip in pocket, the mouth of same being upward. After slips are folded twice medium asks sitters to drop same in basket. After one or two are dropped in, the performer who acts as assistant, says, "drop them in so," and suiting action to his words he takes, a slip right out of a sitters hand and places it, not in the basket as it appears to go, but right into the thumb tip in pocket, and his thumb goes right in with it, coming immediately out and carrying the tip on the thumb unnoticed. Now he goes right on having them collected as the one in thumb tip is all that is necessary for the experiment.

He now places a chair on the stage and medium is seated, with her back to the audience. As he seats her he leaves in her lap the thumb tip and while he is preparing to blindfold her she reads the message. She then refolds same, places back in thumb tip and as he is placing blindfold around her . eyes he gets it back on his thumb. Although she is now blindfolded she can of course read anything in her lap by looking down alongside her nose as in the old blindfold gag.

Remember medium now knows the first slip, and performer's hands are apparently empty now. Thumb tip is invisible on the thumb. Going over to the basket he reaches into basket, pushes thumb into pocket, which will draw thumb and slip from it. Leaving the fake empty he drops slip alongside of pocket, while he picks up another slip, and places it in thumb tip and shoves his thumb into fake. He now picks up slip already read, bringing._out-hand holding slip. It looks just as if he reached in and took out a slip.

He now has second slip in fake thumb and the already known one is held between first finger and thumb. This he hands to someone to hold. Taking anexamined slate and walking over to the medium, medium holds one hand above her head and takes the slate. But in holding slate up to medium, his thumb is away from audience and medium in taking slate places her thumb right on top of fake. Performer draws away his hand and medium has thumb tip behind slate. Medium already knows first message and second one is thus left with , fcer. without a false move.

Performer now asks spectator holding first slip to open same and read it. (Mentally of course.) Medium now starts to write on slate, and as soon as she has finished writing answer to first message she opens second slip and reads same, after which she refolds and replaces in thumb tip. She now holds slate up over her head, writing facing away from audience, and as performer reaches for slate, his thumb on the off side from audience, it goes right into the tip again which was held by the medium's fingers on the back side of slate. Now the performer asks spectator to read the slip or question out loud. Say, for instance, he reads, "Will I hear from my wife?" As he reads this the performer slowly turns the slate around so writing is seen and the written answer on same, is, "Yes, in the very near future."

The performer hands out the slate to be cleaned and then reaches into the basket for another slip, going thru the above same moves and question number two is read the same way. Continue thus with all. A medium we know of uses a thumb tip made of wax and detection with_,this--is-impossible. Even an ordinary thumb tip is perfectly-satisfactory if of the proper size~and_color of skin.

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