Thirty Dollar Sealed Letter Test

Effect: Three sitters write their questions on a small sheo!: of paper, seal same in unprepared envelopes, and retain same« ¿hi; medium while having in no way seen the writing, gives a Trance or Automatic writing, and ^.swers the various questions written on the sheets of paper, sealed in envelopes and never leaving the possession of the writers.

Method: Tor Stage effect you require one assistant. Prepare three envelopes as foil ows: Cut alaround the two sides and bottom edge of the envelopes. Discard the part with the folded part that is pasted (the back of envelope). The other which consists of front and the attached flap, insert in three envelopes that are unprepared, but same size and color as the fekes. Next insert three sheets of carbon paper (one in each) placing them between the two walls to the front. Now neatly seal the two flaps together, leaving the gum on the flap to be sealed later as viewed by the sitter You now have carbon paper in secret compartment, and the two flaps sealed hides all.

Now insert in the envelopes slips of paper; in two you place a single sheet but in the third put two sheets. With four or five unprepared envelopes, and the three,feked-ones on top, one with two sheets of paper being second from top. Now first take feke envelope>,rJ3move_.sheet.jof paper, place envelope on his open palm, paper on top, give him a hard pencil and tell him to write his question on paper. He will appreciate the use of envelope to facilitate doing this and not be suspicious.

He next takes the second envelope (with two slips), he removes one, places it on envelope, and on palm of sitter, gives him hard pencil and instructs him same as he did number one. Passing to the third he does the same with him. Try and have sitter #1 and 7/2 a few seats apart as will be explained shortly. Medium now tells sitters when they have finished to turn their paper over with writing downward. He does this so they will not attempt to seal in envelopes they have.

Soon as Medium sees //I and #2 have finished, he goes to them, remarks "I have an extra slip of paper in one of these envelopes so as to show you how to fold the slip properly", looks into //I quickly and passes to //2 and takes his, also saying,"Oh here it is." Taking out the extra slip, he places the two feke envelopes on top of pile he has, and places all under arm for moment as he illustrates method of folding paper. When pile is taken out from under arm, they are reversed, so feked ones are at bottom. Taking two from top (unprepared), he gives one to each, requesting they seal their message in it and place same in their pocket.

With #3 Medium pretends he has not folded his right and asks him to fold it a different way; taking his envelope for time being, places it on top with the feked ones (they are now uppermost again) and drops hand to side a moment as he instructs proper way to fold, turns pile over while attention is on sitter folding slip, brings up pile, gives him unprepared envelope, allows him to insert and seal his writing and keep same.

Going on stage, Medium gives lecture. Assistant takes up pile of envelopes the Medium has laid on table. Goes off stage, opens, and reads carbon copy and copies same on a slate. Has a silicate slate flap that he places over the writing and takes out and places on table. Medium finishes lecture, takes up slate, washes or cleans with cloth the Flap Side firstcXfacing-'ilaj^-side to audience as he does this), tarns slate and in act of cleaning it, rests lower edge on table as he cleans other side. Lets flap drop unseen on table. Writing is now visible to Medium but not audience.

Medium now seats himself and with piece of chalk appears to do a writing trance, really not writing, but .appearing, to. At finish he reads the question of 1st sitter that is or. slate, thanks to assistant. Has it verified, does the same with //2 and #3. Finish after //3 question is read by erasing all writing from slate; pass for examination; slate is now blank, and no trace is left of how it was all done. Properly presented, this is a most wonderful effect as you will find out when you show same to your audience for the first time.

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