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As you spell the word out letter by letter, note the letters that appear in the word secretly selected by the spectator and add up their values. For instance, if the spectator chose Word No. 3 (Legendary), he would say that the letter N appears in his word. The value of letter N is 8 so you know that he chose the 8th word on the list which is LEGENDARY.

Another example: The word NIGHT contains the letters T, H, I, and N (their values are 1, 2, 4, 8) which total 15 when added together, and the 15th word is NIGHT.

The effect is self-working. All you have to do is remember the values assigned to each letter in THINK-O. You can openly refer to the list or have a small card made up and glued to your pad or concealed behind some object on the table.

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