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acting, finding the articles, carrying on the different tests etc., and a confederate who is just as conversant with the depending principle as the performer himself. The confederate who takes a very inconspicuous part amongst the audience, signals the performer what to do. And it is this little secret that makes the act appear to be a real genuine feat of mental telepathy. It is so simple that a child can do it - but in the hands of two people fairly well trained - and if the performer has the ability to act the part - this act will produce an effect that is nothing short of a miracle.

A slight imperceptable sound is the only key given to indicate the test - say a very slight "sniff" with the nose - causing a sound that no one would pay the least attention to. Well - that "sniff" then, is the whole act - and here is how it is used to convey the most complicated tests.

You are the performer, and your assistant is going to cue you for the test that has been decided upon for you to carry out. Upon your entrance to the room you insist that perfect silence shall prevail - this for two reasons - one is so you will be able to hear the little "sniffs", and also to make the act impressive.

You now walk slowly around the room, taking every location in hesitatingly. You are now standing and looking in the general location of the object ---of course you do not know this, but right now your assistant gives a tiny "sniff" and this tells you that the object is near at hand. You now approach the mantle shelf as this appears to you to be the most likely place but there is no "sniff". You glance around in the same general locality, and presently your eyes fall on a chair. Another slight "sniff" from your assistant who has been closely following your movements, tells you that the test has something to do with the chair, but fearing that someone else may possibly have heard and interpreted that sniff you walk away to another position (another sniff). You are now positive that there is something you have to do with the chair that necessitates you carrying it, because you have been confirmed in each act with a sniff and you are trying to find the very thing that is required of you to do. You then make several unsuccessful attempts to do what you think is right, but hearing no sniff, you are still in the dark.

You are carrying the chair around the room, when you finally glance at the table for the first time (sniff); you are now positive that the table is in some way involved in the plot, so you attempt to put the chair under the table (no sniff). Then you raise it on to the table (two faint sniffs in succession). This is the cue which indicates that the test has been fully completed, and so you announce the fact to the audience.

We have herewith chosen a compound test to show the manner of working out an unusual and difficult thought. Any test can be carried out if performed, skillfully, in less than three minutes, and simple tests in from twenty to thirty seconds. With very little practice you should be able to merely find any given object chosen almost instantly. Compound tests necessarily involve more detail, but you will soon find yourself doing anything required of you almost without any exerted effort whatsoever.

Of course you should avoid all tests that involve elements of a foolish or embarrassing character. So the secret is a sniff - one for location -followed by others leading up to the completion of the test.

Two, sniffs in succession is the cue which indicates that the test has been completed correctly. .

In addition to the foregoing effects which we have outlinedjthe following effects can also be obtained by those who choose to devote a little extra study and practice.

Effect 1. .The audience having agreed upon a test, the performer enters the room not knowing what is expected of him to perform; but with due deliberation he takes up a pencil and paper and writes the very-word or name that the audience has concentrated upon for a test. The test in this case has been for the performer entering the room, to take up a pencil and paper and write a certain word or name agreed upon during the performers absence. . :

Effect 2. The audience having agreed upon writing a sum desired that'; the performer will not only become aware of this telepathically, but that he will also find pencil and paper hidden In the room, and correctly write the answer without seeing the sum. This the performer does as readily as he :has performed the other n-arvelous feats. ■

,, .. Now for the secret of how this can be done. A little patience' and a.few hours practice is all that is required in order to acquire these additional wonderful effects- •

The alphabet is plotted in three groups;

ABCDEFGHIJ is called the first group. ' '

The purpose of plotting the alphabet into three groups is to expedite the transmission of a word or name, as will be ^hown in the example.Having three different groups of letters we must'have-a cue planned for each group to distinguish it from the others., and so we have -planned the following method.

The performer having touched a pencil during-his survey of the articles in the room, and hearing.his'-confederate sniff makes a motion ;as 'if to write, and as he hears his confederate sniff again, it is sufficient to inform him that he is expected to write something. He will then select any piece of paper at hand, and the confederate will sniff again unless some particular piece of paper has been agreed upon by the audience for him to write on -in which case he will locate the paper as he did the pcncil.

Having found the pencil and paper correctly, and being aware that it is something he must write, he must now resort to the group alphabetical system to find out what it is, and this is how he applies the system to find out.

With his back turned to the confederate, performer holds his left hand in any position that will permit the confederate to clearly see it without any person becoming suspicious. The performer now slowly repeats to himself, the first group, the second group and the third group. As he does so, he touches the thumb of his left hand to the first finger, then the second and on to the third. Confederate sniffs and thus the performer is made aware that the first letter he has to write is in the third group of the alphabet.

To find out what the letter is, he counts very slowly with the thumb, again passing it from the first finger to the second, the third and the fourth finger, and repeating it over until he hears the confirming sniff. As the letter is in the third group, he commences the finger count, and thinking to himself the letters U V W X Y Z, and with Z he hears the sniff. Now he has the first letter to the word. He simply makes a mental note of this letter but gives no sign to the audience that he has any idea whatever of the word they are thinking of. This is all stored up in his mind for the grand Climax.

The second letter is found by first finger counting the groups. (The word we will take for example is ZERO.) We have already found the first letter. The thumb touches first finger, and a sniff comes from the confederate, denoting that the second letter is in the first group. The next sniff comes when the thumb rests for the second time on the first, finger, so that we know the second letter of the word is E.

Again the thumb touches the firs.", finger, then the second (sniff) which denotes the third letter is in the second group. So the performer counts, commencing from the first finger as before, mentally thinking the letters KLMNOPQR (sniff) so we are now in possession of three letters of the word chosen.

Now once more we start after the. group, containing the fourth letter. The first group - the second group (sniff). Again, as before, we mentally count KLMNO (sniff) and at "0", two sniffs which not only tells us that the letter is 0 but also that it is the completion of the word.

And so the performer writes the word ZERO and earns his applause for this wierd and truly baffling experiment.

NOTE: It will be observed that by means of the above system, just described, that the use of numerals as well as letters may effectively be applied.

Second group

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