The Al Baker Dictionary Trick

■ The. pocket dictionary . Jiaed with these instructions is unprepared. You can use any small dictionary and prepare it as instructed herein. There is alsoOre$uiEed a picture postcard which is not so innocent, it being used ill the selection of the first word, which is forced in a very subtle manner. . In Fig. 4 are pictured two cards containing words numbered from 10 to 117. The. odd numbers are on one and the even on the other. These should be cut out-and pasted to bristol board cards, of which the performer has a small packet.

Place one. card facing outward on cne_aide._Q£_panket and the other on the opposite side, also facing out. Cover each of these with a blank card and place the packet in your upper vest pocket with the odd numbered card next to body.

The picture postcard is in your inside coat pocket and with the dictionary at hand, you are ready to present the entire effect at will.

After a statement, that you will attempt a test of both prophecy and • thought reading, hand the dictionary to any spectator. Tell him that you will write a prophecy for them. Take the packet of cards from pocket, and taking one from the middle of the bunch, proceed to write something on it, '.and then place it writing side down on a nearby table.

If .the page that is going to be forced through the use of the post card is, say 65, you know the 11th word. (6 plus 5 equals 11). For example we-shall presume the word to be 'happiness'. In would write 'Your life will be filled with much joy, contentment and happiness' In short, make up a short S sues tzc bring out the word.

Take the dictionary from spectator and turn it over so that the front cover is facing the floor and at the end of book nearest yourself» The spectator is asked to riffle the pages of the book at the corner nearest him and to stop whenever he wishes. When, he stops you reach into pocket and. take out card saying carelessly, 'Here, we'll use. this to hold the place you have chosen.'


JT it thp&z

Hold this card in your right hand with the picture side towards the floor and the stamp corner nearest yourself. Insert the card into book at the selected spot and when fairly between the pages, take the book from spectator, seeing that card is forced well in and that the top edge is even with the pages of the book. Note the first drawing which shows both the position of the book and the card at moment of insertion.

Now turning the book right side up so that you are looking at it properly, the left thumb opens book to about a 45 degree angle and the spectator Is asked to note what page the card has been placed at. Of course, the feke being open with the book covers the real page, and the spectator sees and calls the number of the page really inside the postcard, but which now is part of the book. The spectator says, '65' You explain that to simplify matters he is to add the two figures, 6 and 5, together and count down to the word at the total of 11.

As you explain this you let book close, and at finish of explanation hand it to him, keeping the postcaxuL_in right hand. You step away telling him to call out the eleventh word on page 65 and you pocket the card as he looks it iip. and-names it.

You then recall attention to the prophecy you wrote at the beginning and have it read aloud in proof of your uncanny power.

It—Beneficiary 16—Bleach 18—Brain 20—Bulwark M—Carat 24—Charge 26—Climacteric 28 -Cwrum«mte«»ie» 30—CcaMcratlcn

32—Costume 34—Cuff "S—Decree 38—Desudation 40—Dfsesteem 42—Dragoon 44—Electricity •16—Enr elope 48—Exemption



60—Halyard 62—Hoarse

64—Imbecile 66—Incumbency 68—Instep 70—Itinerant 72—Laconic 74 —Urnam-Vlt*, 76—Mackerel 78—Masculine 80—Metal 82—Modillion 84—Munition 86—Nimbly 88—Octoroon 90—Outlay 92—Partake 94—Perplexity 96—Plaid 98—Postmaster 100—Prey 102—Provocative

104 —Quntlonnalr*

106—Realise 108—Relevancy 110—Respect 112— Hoe 114—Samovar 116—Scuppcr

11—Bait 13—Beck 15—Bile 17—Bondsman 19—Broach 21—Cake-Walk 23—Causeless

27—Coldly 29—Concrete 31—Contrive 33—Cream 35—Damask

39—Digress 41—Distrust 43—Duty 45—Emporium 47—Ethos 49—Extent 51—Ferret

55—Fumy 57—Glebe 59—Grab-Stake 61—Hectic 63—Hurl

65—Import 67—Ingathering



79—Medieval 81—Minimize 83—Morrow 85—Natty

87—Nuicanes 89—Oppressive 91—Pandect 93—Pelisse

95 Pkorphormcott

97—Politician 99—Pre-Fignre 101—Projector 103—Pursuant 105—Rage 107—Redden 109—Report 111—Revocable 113—Rust 115—Scandakraa 117—Seneschal

Next you„haTtd~the-dic^ person, for* tha~second—test»

This time you ask the party to name any particular page that he would like to select a word from. Suppose he should say, "81". Ask him to open the book at that page, and, as 8 and 1 when totaled make 9, he is to count down and think of the ninth word, whatever it may be.

You have taken the packet of cards from vest pocket once. more. However, you noted the page number-when called, and In taking out the packet you do so in such a as to have on the top side, the particular list card containing that number. This is simple because of the odd and even arrangement. Of course, the list card in this case would be the ODD card, or that on the side nearest the body. The packet Is now laying on left hand, the .ODD list card being covered with a blank card.

You now write something on the blank card. Naturally you write the long way of the card so you turn this top card crosswise of the rest of the packet in hand which remains as at first t' Thus the card being written upon forms a sort of T bar on the packet.' By doing this, either the upper half or the lower half of the next or list card Is brought in view and a- glance at the page number gives you the cox~rect or ninth word. This Is written, the card placed on table and the packet returned to pocket. I have explained this last writing maneuvre at length because it is important for smooth working. No one could ever suspect you of doing anything else that isn't seen.

The spectator reveals the word and again you ape found correct. You have successfully prophesied the. first word and apparently read the mind of a spectator to learn the second.

v ■ Always carry the post card between 'two5 pieces of stiff cardboard with a V notch at top so that card may be easily withdrawn from pocket. This will protect it as it is a delicate piece of apparatus and must be kept flat to Insure the best results.


For this effect you use s little note book and two of the alphabet cards.

The note book is prepared. One side of the cover has a sheet of carbon tinder the leather. If a name is written on a piece of paper while the paper is resting on the cover the name will be copied on one of the cards which has been inserted into the slit at the lower edge of the inside of the cover.

Book is in the inside right vest pocket with a card in the slit at the lower edge of the inside of the cover> carbon facing blank side. A second card is in the same pocket in front of the book. A peDcil is also in this pocket.

Performer starts by removing front card from his pocket and asking a spectator to think of the first name of some one "dear to him". He is asked to glance at the first letter of the name, on the card.

Performer returns the card to his pocket and then brings out the little note book. Opening it at the back he tears a small piece from a page and resting it on the book cover, asks the spectator to PRINT the name he has in mind on the paper. Ask him to hold the paper near his face so that you will not be able to read the motions of the pencil. This will insure him not resting it on a table or other article of furniture.

When the writing has been done the performer takes the book from him and returns it to his vest pocket. After a bit of talk, the performer again brings out the alphabet card, not the one he showed at first, but the one from the slit in the book. Holding it with alphabet facing spectator, performer asks that another letter of the name be glanced at. At the same time the performer is reading the copy of the name copied on the back of this card. Suppose the name is JAMES. Performer returns the card to his pocket and says "There are four letters in the name, is that right." Spectator answers "no". Performer appears puzzled and again brings out the card, but this time the first card has the spectator look again. Performer then tells the name and all the evidence is away and the card is left lying innocently in a handy place, ready for the curious one to pick up, although the performer should never request him to do so.


You need a .small special printed Horoscope Bock for this stunt. Hand it to anyone and tell them to open it to the month of their birth while your back is turnedthen tell them to add three to the lucky day number at the bottom of the page. For example we will say the month is March; they add three to the three at the bottom of that page.

The total is six, so they are to count down to the sixth word on that page and remember same, then close the book. Now you turn around and gaze in their eyes for a while,then tell them the word they are thinking of is "That".

The way the words are arranged in the booklet, no matter what page they open it to, if they add three—to—the.. ' lucky THimher'*~atr-the ^botrtx?m---of that page then_couirtr down Jthat total of words on the page the word will always .. be "That".

If you care to repeat the tricky have them open the book to another page and add Eleven to the lucky day and count down to the total and the word will always be "Very".

Instead of telling them to add 3 or 11 to the total or lucky number at the bottom of the page you can use a deck of cards and force a three spot or a Jack to represent 11. In case you are not sure of yourself on the regular force,here is an easy method to force a card.

Say you want to force a three spot; before the trick secretly place a three spot in the right side trousers pocket. Now when you work the trick, remove the deck of cards from case and have anyone shuffle them, then place the deck in the trousers pocket on top of the three spot. Now have anyone name a number from 1 to 10; say they name 4. Remove cards from the pocket one at a time; the first three come from the top of the deck, the fourth one from the bottom and that will be the three spot.

So you state, seeing it is a three spot, they are to add three to the lucky day at the bottom of the page of their birth and count down that number of words in that page and remember the word, Then you turn around and read their Mind?

MASTER MEIiTAL DIVINATION A "Grotesque" Divertissement for the Advanced Performer By Dr. H„ Walter Grote

1. Presentation

Ladies and Gentlemen'? A pack of cards \ As you know there are 53 distinct and separate cards, including the joker, in a pack of cards (See remarks). I would like to have someone in the audience merely think of one of the 53 cards. This gentleman here - pardon me for waking you up - would you mind chcorin«? one of the cards mentally?

You may change your mind as often as you like, but finally fix your choice on one card and concentrate your mind on that card. You have one in mind now? That is very good!

I shall also think of one card; yes, I have it in mind. Tell meTsir, do you know cr do you have even the slightest idea which card I am thinking of? No? Well, that gives you an idea how extremely difficult it would be for me to knew what, card you are thinkipg of. Nevertheless, I shall endeavor to remove both our cards from the. pnek- 2

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