Spirit Card Reading

Effecti Medium passes ordinary deck of cards for examination and allows it to be thoroughly shuffled and then passed back to the Medium who cuts the deck, after which all lights in room are turned out, leaving all in total darkness. The deck is now passed to several spectators (three will be found about the right number to participate) who are allowed to again shuffle deck, and freely select any card he or she sees fit from the deck, these selected cards being retained by spectators.

In the meantime the medium walks around the dark room, pausing now and then. During these stops he stands in front of a spectator who has shuffled deck and selected a card in the dark. Simply by touching the card, the performer tells spectator what his card is. This is repeated with the other selectors of the cards during the Dark Seance,the Medium offering as an explanation that he has developed a sixth sense, sometimes called Mental Visualization, etc. to such a high degree that by a mere touch of the fingers-he is able to divine the card, its color, suit and valuation. When„lights are turned on, the holders of cards are asked to note and verify if he has not correctly told them the card they selected and have held during the seance. This they do for no failure is possible.

Method: Provide yourself with three forcing decks with 52 cards all alike. Also one ordinary deck that the backs match the Forcing Decks. The unprepared deck may be lying on the table, but the Forcing decks are concealed on the person so the Medium knows their position, and just what suit and value the deck contains and can get it readily in the dark and remember what the cards were. To better illustrate, let us suppose he has concealed a Forcing Deck of 52, Ace of Spades, Five of Diamonds, and a Ten of Hearts; each of these decks you understand has 52 cards alike of the denomination mentioned.

If a Seance is given where a search is asked, the cards may be suspended between the legs with strong clips and attached to cords that are fastened to waist band of trousers, or similar place so that by drawing in abdomen, the decks as wanted may be lifted from their hiding place. If no search is suggested or used, place decks in various pockets. The regular deck should have the Ace of Spades, Five of Diamonds, and Ten of Hearts removed. We might add that perhaps a more unconspicious card than Ace Spades be used, as this one might be more readily noticed as missing; but by way of illustration, we will continue by mentioning Ace of Spades.

In the darkness, medium while walking around room.giveesome suitable lecture and in meantime, puts regular deck in pocket, gets forcing deck and pauses before one spectator, has deck shuffled, card selected (Ace of Spades), takes back deck, puts in pocket, and gets out another forcing deck and has another make a selection after shuffling deck; this, of course, will be Five of Diamonds and putting this deck in another pocket, the third selection is made from the Ten of Hearts forcing deck. All three forcing decks are now placed in pockets and the regular pack is gotten into hands and lights turned on.

Medium remembering this routine of cards selected, steps to first spectator and asks him if the Ace of Spades he just named in dark was not correct. Card is shown to those present and proves correct. He also has another two holders verify his selection in the dark, and' passes out deck he holds which is found to have these three selected cards missing from it. A very clever effect, well worth the time and practice of any up-to-date performer.

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