Single Person Kind Reading

The Effect: Performer passes blank slips to members of the audience asking them to write short questions --- names or initials, telephone number,

Age—-—dates——--words---anything in fact that can be written briefly and quickly. Later they are folded, and sealed in regulation envelopes, which they place on the floor, and keep under their feet. Performer then seats himself on the stage, picks up a large portfolio and pencil---opens the portfolio, and first writes, then asnwers questions --- gives telephone numbers, dates, etc. Special stress is laid on the fact that nothing is picked up or collected, and in the hands of a real showman, this act is hard to equal.

The Secret: This wonderful act is very simple, depending on clever ■ misdirection, and the bold stealing of some of the original messages, so that in this matter at least, matters are not as the performer represents them to be nor what the spectators think they see. A large number of small slips, about 2 inches square are passed out, but only 12 or 15 of these are answered. This does not matter as the performer can conclude the demonstration at any time on the plea of nervous strain, lack of time, etc. The success of the act depends upon your snow^s nship3 and one simple steal. The slips as stated measure about 2 x 2 inches, in addition to which you have a stack of envelopes, letter size, two of which have no glue on the flaps. One of these contains a lot of questions saved from previous performances. You must also have a good line of patter about telepathy and psychic phenomena.

The steal will prove easy after you have done it a few times, while the glimpsing of the stolen questions depends upon misdirection, and a cute application of a portfolio writing tablet — or for club work, an ordinary ' tablet prepared as per illustrations. In fact, the reading of the stolen questions is so cleverly arranged,that you read and dispose of them right before the eyes of the spectators, without detection, and when you have answered 4 or 5 of them you can step into the audience and answer the balance there. No memory, no mechanical appliances •—■ nothing but a tablet and;pencil, some slips and envelopes. Examine this carefully, and practice the following moves, and the entire matter will be easily understood, and easy to perform. With a little experience you can go anywhere and do this act, and you can draw mental pictures as an extra feature to strengthen the impression on the audience.

Your right hand trouser pocket should be large and roomy,, so that it will easily accommodate an ordinary business envelope (envelope lying at full length within). The prepared writing tablet and pencil lie on your table with one corner protruding over the table edge, and chairs should be placed so that no one is behind you.

Now then,start out with a handfull of slips, passing some out to row #1, right and left, to row #2, etc. all the time keeping up a running fire of comment, until quite a few have been distributed. As you pass them out, just request various people in an undertone, to write their name---another their telephone number, and still another to draw a mental picture, etc. Remember those to who these requests are made during the process of sealing the slips in the envelopes. Now if you proceed as above, the people in rows 1 and 2 will be nearly thru writing as they are the first to get the slips and when this state of affairs has been reached, you take the bundle of envelopes from under your arm, and start handing them out, one here---two there, etc.

Now when you get ready to steal, hand out the envelope without glue on the flap, and see to it that those to whom you have made a special suggestion place their slips within. Hand out enough envelopes in the neighborhood where the steal is to be made to keep everyone in that vicinity busy. Now, as you do not give an envelope to every writer, but have several slips placed in each envelope, matters are simplified for the steal, as everyone is accustomed to see several slips placed within each envelope, which is held before various persons by the performer.

Watch your feked envelope, and when it is near you again, take it from the holder, and stepping over to some one near where you are to steal, ask them to put their slip within, without folding it. To make this more plain, suppose that you have decided to steal in row 5. In that case you hand the person at the end of row #4 an envelope, and then ask him to place his message within without folding it, and pass it on to his neighbor, etc. Now suppose that 5 of them have messages to place within this envelope as it is passed along; you are busy talking and you take an envelope from some other spectator's hand, and holding it to your lips, seal it, and return it at once to some spectator, asking him to place it on the floor and put his foot upon it. Do this several times so that the audience becomes accustomed to your sealing and returning the envelopes. Now when the time comes to steal you still have a bunch of envelopes in your hands and the one containing the duplicate slips is on the top of these. You are walking about, but keeping a sharp look out on row #4, and as the envelope gets to the end of row #4 have it passed over to row #5, AS YOU DID NOT GIVE ANY ENVELOPE TO ROW 5, causing the writers in that row to also put their slips in THIS ENVELOPE.

As it is well on its way to the center aisle, other rows are busy passing their slips along, thus keeping their eyes and minds occupied. You take an envelope when filled, right out of the spectator's hand, wet it with your lips, and hand right back --- (watch the 5th row) and as the last man puts his slip in (this is the unglued envelope), take it from him, wet it, say something witty about a girl or love, and MAKE THE TOP CHANGE so that HIS envelope goes to the bottom of the pile, and you hand him the one containing the duplicate or old questions.

This all happens early in the test, as these rows are the first to get slips, and the steal is made while you still have envelopes to pass out. In this way you get 10 or 15 questions in one envelope all unknown to audience.

Now, after the steal .has been-made, and while pass ing__out _ other—errrpty--eirvelo-pes, secretly fold the bottom envelope, (which contains the stolen questions) in half, then fold it again, and while talking about some famous person whose mind you have read, palm this folded envelope and place it in your right trouser pocket, and while still talking, straighten out the envelope in your pocket, open the flap go as to have all in readiness for your next move. All the envelopes are now passed out, and you are impressing on their minds that you collect Or pick up nothing, which is true from that time on.

Walking back to the stage, place your right hand in your pocket, meanwhile starting a well worded talk about ycur work, and at"the same time crowd the slips xnto one corner of the envelope and while doing so making the usual gestures with the free left hand. Remove the slips from the envelope, and fo?d them in half; then palm them all, and casually remove the hand from pocket, and pick up the tablet frcm the table WITH THE SAME HAND, so that everything is covered and masked by the tablet in that hand. The hardest part of the work is now over, You seat yourself and under cover of the pad place one end of the bunch of slips into the slit in the tablet, and BEND THEM OVER so they will cot slip down inside of the same. You now start answering questions, and the first one may be a f^.ke answer, but it is surprising how many will acknowledge it as theirs, — if not, just look around the room as if someone . has acknowledged it,

"I get the impression of a piece cf jewelry," you say, pencil in your right hand, and looking around the theater. "I think it is a ring," and so saying you appear to jot down the impression received, BUT IN REALITY YOU SEPARATE OR OPEN THE FIRST SLIP WITH THE POINT OF THE FENCIL, mentally read it and memorize it. You will t e able to read them sideways and ever, upside down with a little practice. Suppose the message read, "Will I recover'the lost money, John Smith,'"' While you are tc Iking about the ring, you actually write on the "Lost Money". And with the point of the pencil push the spectator's question into the slit so it will fall inside the tablet and into the envelope waiting to receive it,

Single Person Mir.o Reading Act

You now hold the ne;:t cv.esticT! flat for reading, and memorizing", we will suppose thrt this reads ''Will 1 from ny Son?" You hesitate a moment audi ''You will not recover the ring, it is lost," and at the same time write the word, "S^n" on the tablet, It may seem strange but becauseeof the law of associated ideas, it is only accessary for you to see the main word of aiiv question in or.'i-r- to recall the WHOLE question, and even name the writer with a little practice. Now ycu proceed in this way, so that, by the time you have answered a lew questions, all of the slipj will be out of sight, inuide the tablet, while you have the KEY WORD to ALL of the questions. Now if ycu wish you can otep right into the aisle, and as you do so, cover the slit in the tablet with your thunb, which will effectually conceal it, and then, noting your key words, answer those that are left.

Should you desire to return the questions to the sitters, it can be done in this way. Pretend to be having difficulty in getting a name, and stepping into the audieiu.e, you take a couple of sealed envelopes, hold to your head, and spell out the "difficult" name, and while the persoa_ieu?/jknowlcdging-this to be right, you can easily switch the faked-envelope for the original, which is then returned to the one who previously held the du~;iry slips, and all is set now for examination, providing this is desired or suggested.

EXTRA FEATURES: When you are passing cut the slips, and down in row #4 " if you have decided to steal there, say quietly to one of the writers, "Don't write----just draw a picture, a circle, a square box, or anything you can sketch with ease," and the chances are ten to one that he will draw sometking that you suggest. Now later on, when opening your slips we will suppose that you.find a rough sketch of a 3 legged cow. REMEMBER THIS, and when you have answered your questions, announce that some one in the. audience has a picture in his mind (don't say drew;"in his mind")------look toward the person whom you suggested the drawing to, take a slate or sheet of paper and in loud tones ask him to draw the picture he had in his mind and NOT CHANGE---he thinks of course that you nrian the first one he drew (no one else knows that he drew a picture), and while he is redrawing the same picture, you sit on the stage and draw the picture of a cow with three legs and when the drawings are compared they are similar. This may seem complicated, but with a good command of language, and an impressive delivery, you will put it over strong.

Or, you may suggest to some, young man or young lady, not to write a question but just their phone number or a straight number of no more than 6 or 7 figures (or as many as you can memorize). Be sure that this slip is placed in the envelope you are going to STEAL, and when you come to such a number MEMORIZE IT until after your demonstration in answering impressions. Then say that you get the impression of a number, and look at the young lady or young man to whom you quietly suggested that they write such a number. Step into the audience and ask the person to step into the aisle, and then hand that person a blackboard and ask them to write the number they had in mind and NOT CHANGE IT, and when you say "begin". Now step back to the stage and ask a young lady to rise from one of the boxes as you are going to transmit thoughts to her. Take one of her hands in one of yours, and then ask the young man to write the .numbers he FIRST THOUGHT OF,

After he has done so, tell the young lady to close her eyes, and as you recite the numerals one at a time, to speak out the one that impresses her most. Now, call off the numeral.', from on?, to ten, and when you come to the first number of the sum the young man wrote, press her fingers slightly then ask her to state the one that impressed her most. Naturally, she will name the one at which she felt your pressure.. Repeat this process until all the numbers have been named by her; then show the audience the blackboard, for verification, end thank the young ?.ady "receiver" as well as the "writer" of the number.1: for their assistance. This may sound impossible but those who have tried it, know that it I? possible, and that it makes a deep impression, simple thoit be.

Single Person Mind Reading Acrt

The tablet used, by some performers in vaudeville, is an extra large affair, with folding sides and end,,so that when these were opened, people in the boxes and wings could not oea the stolen slips as he unfolded and read them.

This Is NOT necessary for ordinary performance, and any tablet, prepared as per illurrte-^irlonn, trill be found far more suitable, as it does not look special or prepared,, as did the large tablet, with portfolio attachment performers use in playing the large theatres.

This act is a little hard to explain on paper, but a little careful study and practice on.your part will make everything clear, and IF you are a showman, you w11 l^flnd-Jrhls one^f_ Jjhe--gimpl^s t-;-~atKi--ye^ Ac&s^of—Mind_____

Reading possible as a one man feature, with special stress on the fact that NOTHING IS PICKED UP, ETC. ETC.

NOTE: You can use one ol two methoas to gimmick a regulation 8" x 10"' writing tablet to gather the billets: (1) Simply attach an envelope at its top corners to the top sheet of the tablet with wax or rubber cement; (2) Glue the two top sheets together at the side edges only to form a bottomless pocket. Cut a horizontal slit in the top sheet and slip an open envelope between the sheets so that when a billet is pushed into the slit, it goes into the envelope. This envelope can be withdrawn from between the sheets to make the exchange of billets.

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