Single Party Slate Writing

Effect; The medium hands to the sitter an ordinary school slate and it is seen to be perfectly blank and unprepared. A second slate is likewise examined by the sitter, and this also is found ordinary. The two slates are now tied together with the use of a rubber band. Placing them upon the table for a few minutes, the slates are opened, but no message is found much to the regret of the medium.

Again the slates are bound together, and placed upon the table. After a few minutes during which the medium discusses spiritualism, but during which time the slates do not leave the sitter's sight, the medium states that he believes there is a message. Opening the slates the_sitter finds thereon a lengthy message from a spirit friend.

Method: Among the older methods, which have stood the test, this slate mystery with due reason has been handed down from time to time. The slates used are ordinary^school slates and unprepared.

Previous to the seance, the medium writes upon one side of one slate, In ordinary chalk, the message he later wishes to spring on the sitter. The other slate is'blankwith nothing written on it. The two slates are now laid on the table, the message slate under the unprepared one, writing side downward.

Asking the sitter to be seated, the medium picks up both slates in his left hand, being careful that the writing on the message slate Is away from the sitter. The sitter is seated slightly to the right hand side of the medium

The medium now without comment, hands the first slate, unprepared one, to the sitter, who examines it and finds it free from any writing. Now the medium with the right hand takes this slate back.

Here is where a little misdirection plays an important part. The medium as soon as he receives the slate back looks around and his eyes light on a chair to his left and slightly behind him. "We will place the slate here", he says, at the same moment suiting action to his words, he slightly turns and lays the slate on the chair. No, he does not place the slate just examined on the chair, because in the act of ¿Lightly turning, he switches slates, so he places the written prepared message slate on the chair, writing face down. This may sound to the reader, difficult, but it is simplicity itself, for the talk of the medium draws attention from the hands and slates at the proper moment. Placing this slate on the chair the sittei; of course, is handed the same slate he just examined, but unknown to him

Receive this slate back with the right hand and place this, ontb the one already on the chair. The message is now downside on the bottom side. A rubber band is slipped around the slates, care being taken not to expose the written slate side.

Placing the slates on the table, and after a few. minutes by-play, the medium slips off the rubber band, lifts the top slate, but there is no message.

This is because the message is next to the table. Now when the slates are placed together for the second tine, the prepared message slate is placed on top of the other slate.

This time when the slates are opened a message is found, for in the act of placing the rubber band around the two slates, the medium placed the slates edgewise on the table, and when the band was properly adjusted, he let the slates down, but this time the bottom slate is reversed, the writing being face upwards. A few trials will prove to the reader the simplicity and cleverness of the moves. This slate test has been known to fool magicians and if presented properly it is for close work, indetectability and such, hard to beat.

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