Second Sight Dice Trick

This most excellent and bewildering experiment with dice is one of the many clever effects we are putting out from time to time for the performer to entertain his audiences in an impromptu manner when called upon at a moment's notice to do a trick of some kind.

The properties necessary are a pair of ordinary dice. Performer states he will retire to an adjoining room, or turn his back, and at no time will he see what is going on, nor will any of those present have any opportunity to communicate with him in any way, the entire experiment apparently resolving itself into a mind reading or second sight problem.

Performer now gives instructions to his audience as to what part they are to take in the experiment. A pair of dice are handed some one and a request made-to follow closely all instructions given by performer when he retires from room.

Having placed himself so that he is completely out of view of all proceedings, performer requests that the pair of dice, be thrown, and either one of the numbers on dice be chosen, audience having free choice in the matter. Whichever number, represented by spots on one of the dice is selected, that number is to be multiplied by 2, and to this audience is requested to add 5. Now the product of this is to be multiplied by 5, and finally the number of spots on remaining dice, those facing up on dice being those used in both instances, are added to this and the final sum or product is asked by performer.

Upon receiving this information the performer immediately tells those in audience the number of spots on the upper side of the two dice, and'if he wishes, may also tell the spots on the bottom also, which is an improvement suggested to further add to the effect. This is how it is done.

After all the various multiplying, adding, etc. have been done and you are given the final product, you simply deduct from it the sum of 25, this of course being done mentally, and the remainder will represent the numbers as displayed by the two dice, that is the ones uppermost. To arrive at the solution of spots on dice that are undermost, you need only to krow that in all dice correctly made, there are a total of 7 spots on. any two' opposite faccs of the dice.

To further explain this we will make it more clear by stating that if a six spot is on one side, the opposite side will contain an ace or 1 spot, a 5 will have a 2 spot opposite, a 4 spot will have a 3, etc. no all you have to do is reckon that the number you learn is on the top must be, after subtracting it from seven, your key to divining the spots epposite it on bottom.

To further illustrate we give herewith an example of its working: Suppose the two dice thrown were a six (6) and a three (3). The selection is the 6 spot. Multiplied by 2 would give a product of 12. Adding 5 we have 17. Multiplied by 5 we have 85. We now.add three (3) the spots on the other die and derive a total of 88..

Now if performer will subtract from this total, the number 25, he will have a remainder of 63, which as you will note, represents th<?. number of the two dice, as first shown when dice were thrown, namely a 6 and a 3. If audience selects three instead of six,- the result is the same, which can be proven by following instructions as has been done with the numbor six.

To tell spots on bottom all we have to do is to remember that we have a six and a three uppermost. Now we knowing a total of seven rpCrs a::e or» the two opposite sides, makes it necessary that there must be a four spot opposite the visible three, and an ace or one spot opposite the six, which can be verified by trying the experiment, using any number that happens to be thrown. A very pleasing experiment, welL-vorthrpresenting, and equally well worth dressing up with nice appropriate line of patter and discourse on mental thought, transference, etc.

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