Sbirit Reading Extraordinary

Effect: The performer passes out a number of blank slips of paper and asks those participating to write a Secret Message in the form of some question on the slip of paper, fold same up and don't let anyone see it, or tell what you have written until after the experiment is over. This you state is to preclude any possible chance of a confederate among those assembled, being able in any way to help you in the effect to follow. When all have written a question on their slip and same are folded, you may now offer a little line of patter on the wonderful psychic effect about to take place, and any such remarks that in your judgment may enhance the effect.

You now gather up all the folded slips in a hat, basket or some similar article and taking one of the slips from the hat or basket, same is pressed to your forehead, and you start to get an impression of what is written on the paper, gradually visualizing the exect wording of same, and if you have names signed to questions, mention the party; but we suggest you do not make special mention of having same signed as we will explain later. As you hold folded slip to forehead, you state "somebody asks me"---(here you quote their question as written) and follow it up by giving some plausible answer that will be in keeping with the information wanted, yet in such a manner that you do not actually give anything definite enough that later, or at the time, might be proven to be wrong, or influence the hearer to do something on your advice that might not be a wise procedure.

As each slip is taken from the hat and pressed to forehead the questions are read by the performer, answered, and then slip of paper is opened to verify the genuineness of the question on slip, etc. All questions in the hat are answered in this manner and anyone wishing their original back may have it, which will prove there has been no substitution, making a very neat impromptu effect of a spiritualistic nature and usually will please any audience. .

HOW IT IS DONE: Prepare beforehand a slip of paper exactly like those you are to pass out. On this slip performer writes a question that will be of a similar nature to those he anticipates receiving from the audience. You will find .from-experi ence-these—seldom -vary-frxm—Llie^jquest.1 nns-abraimoney, marriage, health, lost articles, new situations, etc. So your question—maybe any of these and will fit nicely with the others you are to receive.

With this slip folded apparently like the others that you will eventually collect, you really have it folded in some peculiar manner so you will know it when you see, or even feel it. This slip is put in the hat after the others have been collected, and placing same in secretly, of course its presence is unknown to anyone else. You now request ail present to be as silent as possible so you can concentrate on your work. In reality it is for the purpose of allowing ycr. to do some clever memorizing as we shall mention presently.

Standing with hat in left hand, and facing audience, you reach in hat, and take out one of the slips at random. Placing it to forehead you appear to read its contents, but what you actually do is repeat what you wrote on your slip which is still in hat. You now open the slip, and remarking, "Yes quite right," you commit to memory the question written on same by its owner. You now pick up another slip, after a brief moment and pretend to read it, but repeat vrhat was on slip you just opened, and had committed to memory.

Opening this you read it, commit to memory (at least the sum and substance of it, not necessary the exact wording) and again repeat as before until all questions have been taken from hat and answered, removing your own at the very last, and then passing out sore of them for verification as you may see fit, for the fact many will acknowledge you have repeated their question in itself will prove quite a mystery and really will be accepted as quite sufficient evidence that you have done what you claimed you would.

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